Community Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

How is everyone finding Uncharted 4 so far.

I have thoughts. My thoughts are basically this: after a slow start Uncharted 4 is pretty spectacular.

Well, I say a slow start, but really Uncharted 4 has its ups and downs. It has one of the least inspiring openings of any Uncharted I've ever played (the opening speedboat section). Then it has the scene in Drake's home (the nerf guns followed by the Crash Bandicoot homage) which is one of the coolest things I've ever done in a video game ever.

That's followed shortly by a section set in my home country of Scotland which was pretty banal.

Then that's followed by a whole sequence of events that culminates in one of my favourite set-pieces in Uncharted history.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: Uncharted 4 has its ups and downs but goddamn... those 'ups'. They really are something else.

And it almost goes without saying: technically it's the best looking console game ever made. It just looks absolutely stunning.

I'm loving this game so far. What are your thoughts?


    Visually incredible (No surprise there). The story is fantastic. The gameplay is classic Uncharted, just tightened up. Tis a great game all round.

    It's the complete package. I cannot remember the last time I have been so engaged with plot and characters within a game. Plus the number of times I have laughed or cheered in unison with characters extracting themselves from sticky situations is outstanding! Oh and it's a beautiful looking game too.

    I like everything about the game and series except for the actual gameplay. Would be so much better if it wasn't cover based. Naughty Dog know it's not good since they cut half the combat out of the game.

    Full disclosure - I only bought a PS4 for Naughty Dog titles. I am a fanboy.

    The game totally lives up to my high expectations. Maybe not quite as ground breaking as Uncharted 2, but definitely better than Drakes Deception. I'm having a ball.

    Only criticism is the fist fights with Nadine. If they want me to lose a fight for narrative reasons, either make it a cut scene or make the enemy impossibly tough/fast. Don't take away my ability to dodge, role and run. It makes me feel like the game is cheating. It also undermines the Nadine character because it makes her look weak.

    Man I want this game so bad...but $69 is the cheapest I have seen it and that's a bit pricey I think!

      $69 is very cheap, what you want to wait a year and buy it preowned for $50?

        Lol. So after saying all that, I bought it last night for $77 from eb..I fail..! GREAT game though

    I enjoyed my weekend of slaughtering violent men with South African accents.

    The 'Climbing/puzzle solving' followed by 'shootouts' got a tad repetitive imo, and seemed to stand out more so in U4 than the previous titles (I did play them a while ago on PS3).

    The shootouts themselves had their ups and downs, the Auction shootout was enjoyable but others is seemed no matter the cover you were being assaulted in 5 - 6 directions at onece (even if you flanked) leading to a lot of deaths that felt a tad unfair. Also sniping was pointless, as soon as you get the first shot off every enemy knew exactly where you are.

    For me it was the story that kept me going, overall 7/10 (prologue was great)

      I tried to avoid the gunfights as much as I could, I had a great time.

      - You can never get used to a single weapon (no ammo and too much variety)
      - I didn't like how the game goes B&W when Nate gets shot (it looks too good for that sort of thing.

      But comparing it to other existing games, I give it a 10/10.

    I agree with you on the fact it's a slow start but I think that's a good thing. The game is letting us take time to come to grips with the fact it's Nates last adventure. (And what an adventure it is) I loved every second of the game and I'm glad it's quite long since I could drink in every second of it. It's a great game and an even better goodbye.

    The good:

    + Amazing graphics and presentation. Probably the best looking console game to date.
    + Improved, tightened controls. Classic and challenging Uncharted game play that's just gotten better.
    + Great story, voice acting and performances.
    + Areas are much larger and less linear, giving players an opportunity for multiple routes through levels, exploring for different treasure, hidden dialog options etc. There is much replay value to be had.
    + The longest Uncharted game yet.

    The bad:

    - Multiplayer is pretty average.
    - Stealth is cool and all, but the enemy A.I. in regards to stealth can be absolutely moronic.
    - No "distract" options for stealth (e.g. make noise, get enemy attention).
    - Similar to The Last of Us, stealth can be a bit funny as your A.I. partner (e.g. Sam or/and Sully) won't be detected by enemies at all, unless you are. It makes sense why t his happens, but it breaks the immersion a bit.
    - Occasional bugs. I got stuck in the ground once, forcing me to restart the area. I was once swinging on a rope and suddenly, I teleported off the rope and down to my instant death below.
    - First few chapters of the game are quite slow.

    Conclusion: The best Uncharted game yet. Has a couple of hiccups and it's by no means "perfect", but it's close enough. An absolute joy for Uncharted fans. For those who have never played the Uncharted games before, they may feel alienated and may not understand or appreciate the game as much. This is a game made for fans. If you haven't played any of the previous games, go play the Nathan Drake remastered trilogy first.

    9.5 out of 10.

    My review: I bought a ps4 the other day just for this game.
    You're welcome Sony.

      This^^ for me 2.

      Awesome game loved it

      It did however remind me a lot of that classic 80's move The goonies With the traps and pirate ship hidden in a cave.

      Even Drake and his Brother Sam as kids reminded me of the lead kid and his brother from that movie.

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    I haven't quite finished the game (pretty close I reckon) but have to wait for time when my wife can watch the game as well. You see, this is a game she actually wants to watch me play, not just for the story (excellent so far) but also for the phenomenal art direction and attention to detail.

    I've also slowed my play down thanks to Mark's great climbing article. No more jumping from ledge to ledge like a hyperactive spider monkey. Every climbing movement is now a slow reach for the next ledge... loving it.

    The shooting segments are better used here than in any previous title: the AI is more refined and there are many more environmental options. Unlike previous installments, I don't feel the shooting is the focus of the game and that's an improvement. Wish I could throw grenades back but who doesn't love the high jump onto an unsuspecting goon?

    So far, so amazing. Already looking forward to more playthroughs of the campaign and haven't even touched MP yet. I just hope Naughty Dog sticks the landing!

    I've never played the other 3 Uncharted games (I tried to play the Vita version and I didn't like it)

    I'm really enjoying the game, the feeling of exploration and seeing the landscape is awesome.
    Climbing is fun, the puzzles so far have been fairly easy and simple.
    I'm not enjoying the shooting/combat it just feels weird.
    I do like stealthing sections though and avoiding combat.

    I've stopped so many times to just take in the detail of the area.

    His magical rope/hook really annoys me.

    The story line is excellent and it's been a while since I've played a game and really wanted to find out what happens next.

      I played the second years ago and I wouldn't mind checking this one out, but I dont want to slog through the first 3.

      How are you finding it without playing the others? Does the story hold up on its own?

        Yes so far the story is self enclosed. I'm sure I'm missing injokes and back history from reoccurring characters. But it just makes it feel like a fleshed out world.

        Am not having any moments where I go "huh? what are they on about?"

          Awesome, thanks, will grab a copy on the way home tonight :D

      The Vita uncharted is the weakest uncharted. You should play the first 3. Great games.

        Yeah if they story lines are as good as they are in this one I might go check out these first games.

          It gets slightly nostalgic for those who played through the entire series.

          When Nathan start to move around looking at the treasures, they are references to the previous titles

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            Yeah I get that

              >.< sorry it was supposed to be spoiler tag and not quote tag. Made a mistake.

              It's the nice little things that made the game felt great.

    The combat can be a bit meh, but if you're prepared to take risks it can generate some great "f***yeah!" moments.

    I'm having a lot of fun with this. The animation on the characters is gorgeous, the voice acting is engaging, and the environments are stunning. Did they design photo mode for the game, or the game for photo mode? hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ;)

    Graphics are amazing. Best facial animations I've seen in any game ever. So far locations are nice and varied and the new features I've come across are really fun.

    Gameplay is pretty much standard Uncharted fair. One minute you are solving puzzles. Then when you finish the puzzles, you are attacked/guys are in front of you to be wiped, then conveniently once you kill everyone there is no one there to kill you during the next puzzle. If they had figured out how to blend this a bit better for the 4th game it would have been cool. I agree with earlier comments that sometimes you are stuck in an area with no advantageous cover. I have also hated the cover detection of the uncharted games. So many times you'll hit the cover button and Drake sticks to the wrong side of a box or something (not a deal breaker but frequently annoying). The first couple of times you enter the area you get smashed because the enemy seems to come from everywhere. This is exacerbated by the fact the the stealth system is super basic and not really well implemented. Half the time it's easier to just shoot everyone. Overall though, its definitely fun enough to keep going and in the fun new features make up for it too.

    Story so far is interesting enough, although there have been some pretty cliched idiot moves by characters which are groan worthy but it's fun and the usual character banter is excellent. Uncharted is all about being in an action movie, and thats what this one does well.

    The beginning was slow, but I liked it and I thought it worked very well. I wouldn't categorise the slow start as negative IMHO.

    Did anyone else treat the early escape from prison mission like "No Russian" and not fire a shot? Felt out of character for me to go guns blazing.

    Haven't finished it yet I'm up to chapter 18 but it feels like I'm close to the end.

    The winch was cool, Drakes banter and justification of it was the most entertaining part, very reminiscent of a father hiring a construction device with a abundance of hope for its uses.

    Level design felt real crisp but linear, considering the other games that's to be expected.

    Still unsure if a like or dislike his brother, but still time to win me over.

    Overall good game. good job Naughty Dog

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      Lol think im up to chapter 14 and i was thinking i was getting fairly close... nope!

    Can't fault it really. for the few flaws it may have its just a spectacular experience all round! visually stunning, plays fluidly, leads you down the path you need to go but still makes you feel as if you have found it... smashed about 8 hours of it on weekend and cant wait to try get a few more in this week sometime!

    semi spoilers****

    Pros: visually perfect. story is my favorite of the whole series. Action is intense. The grappling hook and jeep are great additions. punching people in the face and stealing their guns never get old. crash bandicoot. Drake's attic and intro credits are great shout outs to old games.
    Cons: finding that same box to reach that ledge is a bit repetitive, at least make it look different! playing stealth is no where near as fun as the run and gun method

      I find playing stealth is much more intense and heart pounding because you need to execute it properly.

      Many times I tries to do a perfect stealth run when encounter enemy and i succeed like maybe 70% of the time, majority of time end up in death once the armored enemy start to appear.

        Yeah I do find myself playing the same. But then I see a grappling hook section and can't help myself. playing on normal I'm trying to go more action because you have to stealth in crushing otherwise instadeath

      +200 year old boxes WITH WHEELS!

      Bit salty the Grappling hook didn't supersede the wheelie-boxes

        also all the convenient placed ropes around objects you can grapple around, since the hook only sticks to these

          that would be a con if the grappling hook wasnt so fun, love swinging and then punching people in the face

    Only played about 90 minutes. Stunning game. Looking forward to getting back in.

    The worst pacing of a AAA game in all of history, only if Metal Gear 5 didn't already have worse.

    The vast majority of "gameplay" in this game, is the boring CLIMBING!!!!!! WTF - thats who the F - asked for insane amounts of mind numbingly boring in unfathomable amounts of extra climbing in Uncharted 4 ? Answer = NOBODY.
    The climbing is the padding and is madness to have so much in Uncharted 4.
    Why did not one reviewer I read comment on that, or even mention that in the statistics tab you can read the total distance the player has spent climbing. My total climbing for completing the game on hard was a 4.6km!!!!
    That is a ridiculous amount.

    Just an example in the game of the climbing madness that I've written In general terms thats not that SPOILERY:
    Nate loses his partner and is desperate to find them. He is exhausted and hurt. Nate calls out in desperation to locate his parter in the darkness....but gets no answer.
    So what does Drake do next in a desperate bid to find out if they survived ? He F#^ing goes climbing for the next 10 minutes !?!?!? It is total MADNESS.

    And short bits for the rest:
    Some of the locations look fantastic.
    The believable interactions are some of the best.
    The facial animations are insanely good.
    The combat in improved, but still not good enough and far behind above average modern shooters.
    The puzzles are simply busy work.
    The never wrote Sam well enough for anyone to care what happens to him.
    And the plot excuses for traveling to different locations were really weak.

    I gave this game a 4/10
    Uncharted 2 is the standout and, sadly, theres only been 1 good uncharted game. 1 out of 4 is a poor record.

      climbing is one of the best bits. And the looking for your partner and trying to get to higher ground so far has been one of the best parts of the game for me, so emotional. you can see the exhaustion in Nathan.

      How is the climbing any different to any of the other Uncharteds? I'm not sure I'm understanding you're point here as 4 is pretty much the same gameplay wise as 2 and definitely the same as 3...The climbing mechanic is the main drawcard of the series as it's so well implemented and allows for a lot of amazing set pieces to occur.

    All this positivity for UC3 is really contagious....I'm going to have to play it ASAP!

    I played through 1 and 2, skipped 3, however....

      UC3 plays pretty much like UC2. It lacks a bit of punch compared to 2 considering the set pieces in 2 but overall it's still very good. Definitely worth playing at least once.

        Shit...I meant to say "All this positivity for UC4"......

        Having said that, you have inadvertently encouraged me to give UC3 a go. Thanks!

          Mate, just play all of them. If you liked any Uncharted before, then you really should play the new ones cause they are all great.

    My only beef (I am enjoying it) is the inertia in the camera control...allow me to move the camera, but stop the damn thing moving when I stop have this slight run on that gets me swaying back and forth when panic sets in...

    I've always loved the Uncharted combat, when things go wrong amazing stuff happens. There's all this hidden animation which makes every melee feel cool and unique. You dash for a cover which is only going to save you for .5 of a seconds and then you got to keep moving.

    I've been playing this on hard (looking forward and dreading crushing) and it's been intense. I goofed one section in a big mansion near the end and I only had a sniper rifle with 2 bullets. I had to do the perfect run using all of Drakes skills, I must have failed that 20 times before I nailed it. It was "souls" like rewarding.

    The story of course is amazing and I really love that family of characters. My ps4 is full of holiday snaps and the multiplayer is quite fun.

    Naughty dog delivered

    Also I can't be the only one that thought this game was going to turn into the last of us at the end :P

    I think it's ok but can't see myself playing it much after I've finished.

    The Last of Us I thought was head and shoulders above. And what is with them never giving you enough ammo for the food weapons? Drives me nuts! TLOU was the same. Let me enjoy my shotgun and 44 magnum dammnit!

      If that guy with the heavy machine gun (and his buddies) can't kill you with his first 50 bullets, it's probably not worth investing in giving him another 50 bullets.

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