Couple Gets High Score, Wins Real Cow

Couple Gets High Score, Wins Real Cow

Image: Tuniscope
A couple in Tunisia, who currently hold the highest score in a mobile game about cows, were sent a real cow as a prize last week. The cow’s name is Pamela.

In a world where video game publicity stunts usually involve something dumb/dangerous, it’s nice to see something so…quaint? Practical? I dunno, I’m basing that on the fact I’d love to have a cow, because it would mow my lawn for me. Maybe the winners live in an apartment and this is actually a disaster waiting to happen.

Via Ars Technica, the game’s publishers apparently have a second cow ready to give away, only this time in addition to keeping it there’s the option of having it turned into a fridge full of meat. Which is even more practical, I guess, if also a little less pleasant than winning a live animal with sunglasses and a scarf.


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