Damn, This Dude Is Good At Overwatch 

Damn, This Korean Dude Is Good at Overwatch

In places, it's hard enough trying to keep up just watching this play through. Imagine going against it.

GIF via REA Ko

Via tipster Sang and r/Overwatch, here's popular Team Fortress 2 pro "Pine" showing what he can do in Blizzard's Overwatch as Widowmaker.

He can do a lot. And very, very quickly.

Man. And this is only the beta.


    I played widow maker for about 2 hours. She is pretty easy to get sniper kills on compared to playing games like battlefield. Got a few Play of the games where i was able to head shot 3-4 people one after the other.

    Sadly i still think the game is still a little bit slow paced and some options were missing from the beta to fully enjoy it.

    Yea.. it's really NOT hard to hit things in this game. The incredibly low server tick rate and hitboxes mean you can shoot a metre either side of their character and you will hit. I really don't understand in any way shape or form how this guys incredibly mediocre performance is worth posting about?

      Seriously? "Incredibly mediocre"? Come on. This guy pulled off multiple midair headshots and was taking out Tracers with relative ease. This is ten times as impressive as any of the POTGs in the highlight reels.

      The hitboxes for projectiles are larger because projectiles are harder to hit with. But Widowmaker is using a hitscan weapon. Unless I'm missing something, her crosshairs should be spot on the target's head at the time of shooting. Even the projectile characters can't shoot a "metre either side", as this video shows:

      Seems like you either didn't watch or didn't understand Blizzard's explanation on how their netcode works.

      1. It's the client update rate that is slow on Overwatch compared to other games, not the server tick rate. They're two different things, the update rate has very little to do with the video posted above.

      2. Hitboxes are perfectly fine, Overwatch's 'favour the shooter' philosophy uses client-side detection with server-side verification. That means you need to score a hit client-side and have it verified server-side but if you don't even hit on your own client, you won't be awarded a hit by the server. This has nothing to do with the video above.

    His aim is on point, but without Mercy constantly there to buff the damage, half of those shots would not have been one shot one kill

    Thst just made my head spin, kind of reminds me of watching 10 year old ADHD kids play In s&d CoD.

      *Nods head*

      I can never tell if a hardcore gamer is really good because of training and development, or if he/she was simply born within the spectrum of high-functioning autism.

        Yeah I am not sure if I lack the twitch reflexes or just don't go into super zen mode but my "good games" are just more kills then deaths these days hah

          I wish I could say 'I'm in with the gamers these days' but I'm so out. I'm so so so out.
          I can hold my own in a game of destiny or CoD, it's not rare for me to top the leader board. But watching this, makes me dizzy and confused.

    now if only things like that get play of the game instead of people who are just able to hit their "multikills are dead easy" one button. seriously unless they are truly impressive like a team wipe ultimates shouldnt make play of the games

      Hey, i earned my D.Va suicide 4-kill play of the match, don't take it from me!

    Watched the video, didn't think it was THAT spectacular. A good player, of course. Hard to keep up watching him? No.

    Wondered who the author was of this article, but I already knew the answer. Whenever there's a hyperbolic fluff article about rubbish, it's always the same author.

    Bad video quality - there's a fair bit of frame skipping going away which makes things look quicker than they actually are. Definitely some good shots in there though.

    Unlike the random Overwatch haters in this comments section, I for one have always welcomed our Korean overlords.

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