Dark Souls 3 Anti-Cheating Patch On PC Backfires

Dark Souls 3 Anti-Cheating Patch On PC Backfires

It’s been a messy few weeks for Dark Souls 3 on PC. It’s a terrific game, but cheating has been rampant, and From Software hasn’t been clear about how they’re going to solve it. So when a patch showed up this weekend, promising to fix things, it was good news! It also, uh, broke the game. “We have heard your concerns about being victims of deviant behaviour while playing online multiplayer,” the company said in an update on Steam. “We have released a patch solving some of the issues you can encounter.”

These “concerns” included a player streaming their hacks and messing up other people’s adventures for several hours recently. The patch intended to stop this from happening in the future, specifically cases of:

  • Being sent immediately to your world
  • Being sent to the Firelink Shrine
  • Being changed in full Dragon Body Status

Unfortunately, the patch also introduced a bunch of hitching into the game. Dark Souls 3 is all about timing, making such a glitch unacceptable:

Video Credit: asdasdeba

Woops. Though the patch lingered for a while, From Software ultimately pulled it from distribution, saying it hopes to “reinstate the patch ASAP”.

From Software did say, however, that players who haven’t cheated should be safe. The company has a mixed history on that promise, but hopefully it will get sorted while Dark Souls 3‘s popularity is at its highest.

“If you fall victim to one of the bugs previously fixed, don’t worry, you won’t be penalised,” said the developer in a statement. “We will keep you posted as soon as we have more info. Thank you for your understanding.”


  • Pretty glad I haven’t picked it up yet now. Pretty much confirms my plan to get it on console

  • Still sitting here banned whilst actual cheaters are continually running rampant. FROM you really fucked up.

  • Well….. Technically the patch worked flawlessly. If the game’s broken and people can’t play, then no-one can cheat.

  • Well i recently finished the game on PC and am just basically waiting for DLC so hopefully it doesn’t mess things up too badly =/

    I’m not big into PvP so i’m hoping it doesn’t mess up co-op too badly

  • This is the first Dark souls game I’ve tried and I’ve in enjoyed it so far. My friend was telling me to buy it on PC but I’m sort of glad I bought it on console for this reason.

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