Deus Ex Is Doing Those Weird Videos Again

As video game marketing goes, that Deus Ex: Human Revolution live-action series was pretty bad ass.

Remember? It was about body modification. It was super well produced and just awesome in general.

Well, it looks like they're doing it all over again for Deus Ex: Mankind Diverted.

As well they should. I don't think this will have anything like the same impact the last series had, but it makes all the sense in the world to try and make lightning strike twice.

The new video is actually pretty cool. But I want to see more of those pretend advertisements for body augmentation. Those were the absolute best.


    Well, it looks like they’re doing it all over again for Deus Ex: Mankind Diverted.
    That Diverted bit confused me greatly for a moment there.

    Last edited 27/05/16 1:40 pm

      You could almost say your attention was...diverted?

    Deus Ex would make for a good movie. Maybe they could get Blomkamp to direct?

      I dunno, District 9 and Elysium were awesome. Chappie was pretty disappointing. Great premise, amazing cast, great special effects but poor writing. Actually, how involved in that was he I wonder?

        After re-watching all of them Elsyium is the weakest of the 3. I guess how much you like Chappie depends on how much you hate Die Antwood

          See I like Die Antwoord but I just thought Chappie was pretty poorly written, it had so much potential. District 9 was strong because of the small stories it told, the characters were flawed but human, you could understand some of their motivations. They had bloody Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman. I know they were trying to redo Short Circuit but I feel like they missed out on the charm of "Number five is alive."

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