Dick Smith’s Brand New Online Store Is Alive. It’s ALIVE!

Dick Smith’s Brand New Online Store Is Alive. It’s ALIVE!

Dick Smith’s store presence is gone, wiped from the landscape of Australian brick and mortar retail.

But, from the ashes, its online store has arisen. One month ahead of schedule Kogan has announced that the new Dick Smith online store is ALIVE.

I mean live. The site is now live.

Kogan announced it had acquired Dick Smith’s online business in March. Back then they planned to relaunch those online businesses in June 2016, but no — they got it done a little quicker than previously anticipated.

“We are extremely proud of the speed with which we were able to relaunch the Dick Smith online business, with a leading website, product range, and back-end systems to power the operation,” said David Shafer, Executive Director, Kogan.com and Dick Smith. “All orders from today onwards come with the full backing of the Kogan.com business, and are supported by our first class Australian customer service team.”

Well, that’s reassuring.

Interestingly, Shafer admitted that Kogan and the newly launched site had its work cut out. The Dick Smith brand has been in the doldrums for a while now. It hardly represents cutting-edge and when you’re an online store that sort of perception is important.

“Dick Smith’s recent history has been disappointing for many Australians, but for millions of us, it is an iconic brand we all know and love. We will work hard to restore the faith Australians have put in the Dick Smith brand for almost 50 years.

“Our digital efficiency will help to make the latest products more affordable at Dick Smith, and rebuild the legacy of the brand as a leading destination for the latest technology.”

According to a release sent out this morning, the Dick Smith store launches day one with the following promises:

– 5,500+ products offered at leading prices, including a full range of the latest smartphones (Samsung, Apple, Kogan), cameras (Canon, Nikon, Swann), tablets (iPads, Android), home appliances (Breville, Bissell, Kogan) and more – 1,800+ products with Fast Dispatch – A returns policy applies for all purchases from May 4 onwards, and all products sold from May 4 onwards come with comprehensive warranty backed by Kogan.com – A 14 Day Money back guarantee on exclusive brands – An experienced customer service team with a average response time of under one business hour

This all sounds interesting. A far cry from the sad picture that was Dick Smith retail in its final days.

And for your information, there are some decent deals on video games here.


  • The site still looks absolutely horrible. Can’t see anything at a price worth buying either…so nothing has changed.

  • How much did Ruslan pay you for this ad? Can’t be much if EB is just gave you a pair of socks.

    • Yep this!

      Kogan’s only Vita game for sale was Minecraft. Now, Dick Smith onlines only vita game for sale is… Minecraft

  • Decent deals on video games? Watch_Dogs for $85, Destiny (vanilla) for $79

    I want what your smoking

  • So I’m guessing that the phones are still Kogan’s grey market stock?
    Cuz taking the LG G5 for eg. it’s selling there for under $900, whereas the cheapest genuine Australian stock that I know of is $999 elsewhere.
    Interestingly, while I’m sure it’s just a rebranded dupe of Kogan’s site, there are price differences. Still, I wouldn’t buy a phone from Kogan.

  • its just a re-skinned kogan site, BUT a Samsung Galaxy S7 is $50 cheaper on the dickies site compared to the kogan site.

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