DOOM Has A Cool Terminator 2 Easter Egg

DOOM Has A Cool Terminator 2 Easter Egg

Video: Minor spoilers ahead! DOOM is full of great Easter eggs and references but this is a special one. In order to trigger it, you have to die.

You have to die in a morbid way, by jumping into the lava, to be exact. And this can only mean one thing: a scene from Terminator 2!


  • Yeah, I did a double take when I saw this and had to jump back in to confirm it, very funny.

  • Well, if you’ve resigned yourself to your fate, the last thing left to do really is to fuck with anyone who might retrieve your corpse… or armour, anyway.

  • I think this game is now back on my buy list. It got removed when even in Singleplayer, your pistol had infinite ammo, but I am really sold on most of the other things in Singleplayer from what I have seen so far

  • There is another terminator 2 reference in the argent tower level in the area of the third argent filter. if you jump over the side onto the ice, your hand freezes to the ground and breaks off when he goes to pick it up like the T-1000 after he’s frozen by the liquid nitrogen

  • I feel like the default pistol is in reference to the quake 2 infinite ammo pistol. Nearly useless from the moment you get shotgun and assault rifle…

  • After 10 hours of campaign play I’m convinced the nostalgia side of content has been pulled off expertly, just like Shadow Warrior’s remake, which I cannot recommend enough. I can’t wait for Shadow Warrior 2.

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