Doom Is Exactly The Right Kind Of Ridiculous

Doom Is Exactly The Right Kind Of Ridiculous

Yep, that's the main character in Doom fist bumping a collectible. It's not easy for games to be funny, but another id Software reboot, Wolfenstein: The New Order, deftly pulled this off. It's a nice surprise that Doom does, too. It's easy to imagine how id Software and its parent company, Bethesda Softworks, could have opted for some Zach Snyder-inspired grimdark bullshit. In fact, they almost did! This fourth Doom game has been in development hell (sorry about that) for years now, and they almost got behind a Call of Duty-style game where a demon portal opened on Earth.

"You can probably close your eyes and imagine a 'Call of Doom' or a 'BattleDoom' game," said Bethesda VP Pete Hines to Polygon, "where it starts to feel way too much like: 'Wait, this doesn't feel like Doom, it feels like we're playing some other franchise with a Doom skin on it'," he said.

I'm glad they took their time, shifted direction and scrapped that game. Humour is central to Doom's identity, despite its pseudo-serious premise.

We're talking about a series that has you killing Commander Keen...

Doom Is Exactly The Right Kind Of Ridiculous

Image Credit: The Easter Egg Hunter ...finding designer John Romero's head behind the final boss of Doom 2:

Doom Is Exactly The Right Kind Of Ridiculous

Image Credit: KRmalyon ...and encounters a marine complaining about you hovering in Doom 3:

Like the Doom games before it, there's technically a story to guide the madness, but whether you're supposed to care about it is an open question. Whereas other games fuel motivation for pressing forward by revealing more about what's going on in the plot, DOOM puts gameplay on a pedestal.

This notion is established within the first few minutes of the game, as the always trusty Doom Marine emerges from a sarcophagus-like structure. What's going on? How can you save humanity this time? These are the questions most games would immediately try to concern the player with.

Not Doom, though. Instead, as some omnipotent commander starts to explain what's going on, your character gives them the middle finger:

Video Credit: MKIceAndFire

I started howling when this happened, moments into my Doom playthrough. It helped establish what kind of game Doom is. Yes, there is a story. Yes, there are characters. No, you don't really have to pay attention.

(Am I the only one who's been oddly drawn into the mythology, though? It seems like the Doom Marine became a god-like myth after Doom 2, and he's been somehow resurrected via ritual? We'll have to do a deep dive into the game's story in another post soon... and I can't believe I just said that.)

Doom might be dumb, but it's not dumb. It's a smart, modern shooter that somehow capture the spirit of Doom in both tone and gameplay. That's no easy feat, and makes me wonder if they'd ever think about taking on Quake.


    oh wikid, that is an awesome GIF, now I have to play Doom!

      Yeah I just saw it and was like damn now I need to buy this game.

    I'd play the shit out of Call of Doom, if it were supplementary to the main Doom franchise.

    Im hoping Gaming Heads are currently working on making those Doom Guy collectibles, complete with the original music riff

      would be awesome to get more little Doom dudes to sit next to my SDCC Symbiote Studios Doom Guy :)

    You know what is ridiculous about Doom? It uses all Linux compatible libraries, yet they didnt port it to Linux/SteamOS for political, Zenimax/Bethesda reasons

    (Am I the only one who’s been oddly drawn into the mythology, though? It seems like the Doom Marine became a god-like myth after Doom 2, and he’s been somehow resurrected via ritual? We’ll have to do a deep dive into the game’s story in another post soon… and I can’t believe I just said that.)

    From the very first minute, I was immediately drawn into wanting to learn more about why you started like that, and what it meant. So ominous. Much mystery. Very intrigue. Wow.

    And the Doom marine's trashing of the screens whenever Hayden speaks isn't just juvenile flipping the bird to tropes... it's very clear that there's a very specific type of dialogue that triggers that very understandable and justified rage.

      I found that doom said way less than everything you find in doom3 but managed to say a lot more.

    Just as ridiculous as the price on the PSN...

    Anyone notice how the deluxe version is more expensive than buying the game and season pass separately??? Sony have just given up trying to be reasonable with psn pricing and are just gouging us...

      PSN in general is a joke, my number one gripe about the PS4

        Agreed, but I got UC4 for 79 on the PSN and saw it for $89 in JB today, so that's ok...but yeah on the whole the pricing is complete shit...I just can't work out what fucking genius decided there is no advantage in buying a bundle...

    Love this game. Takes a little bit to get over the playing style you're used to from Call of Duty style games. This, you run and gun much faster.

    And the music.

    Nothing like bursting into a new say in your head "Bring in on!!"....

    ....Then the heavy metal starts.......


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