EB Games Is Selling A Buttload Of Amiibo For $8.98 Each

It seems like a bunch of retailers are trying to shift their amiibo recently. Not too sure why, but it translates to some good deals if you're the type that likes collecting amiibo.

I wouldn't be so bold to say that all of EB's amiibo are up for sale, but Jesus Christ there's a lot of them in there.

Captain Falcon, Little Mac, Rosalina, King Dedede, Mewtwo, Falco, Duck Hunt, R.O.B., Lucas, Pacman, Captain Olimar, a bunch of Animal Crossing ones, Fox McCloud, Samus Aran, Pikachu, Zelda and some of the Splatoon ones. That's what I saw listed. There may be more than that if you dig.

Point being, this is a super good deal for amiibo. They normally retail at $17.95 so this basically amounts to half-price.

Does this mean that EB Games is trying to clear stock for a whole bunch of new Amiibo? Probably. But who cares. Have at it.


    We picked up a Dr Mario and Mulan figure yesterday. No intention of ever using them in any game but they sure are shiny. There was a wall of figurines with 1/2 price stickers. Basically everything except the Yarn Yoshis.

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    I might have to pop into my local EB to see what they have - Like Trjn, no intent of ever using them but some of them look sooooo purdy,

    Perhaps they think the "toys to life" business is collapsing after Disney announced they're pulling out, so trying to liquidate the stock?

      If it counts for anything, I traded in 9 amiibo (had a collection of about 30 beforehand) on the weekend towards Fire Emblem Birthright for 3DS. EB gave me about $2.00 in-store credit for each of them with my Level 2 membership card. I feel as if an amiibo market crash is inevitable.

      I went through the same process with Skylanders and Disney Infinity before the collapse (kept none of these in the end).

      When the toys-to-life fad comes to an end, I imagine I'll have about 5 - 10 of my favourite amiibo remaining.

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    Yarn Yoshi @Kmart is $30 if your local has one. I picked one up a few weeks back and have seen a few since still on the shelf. MT Ommaney had two last week if you're in Brisbane.

    Interesting how we went from extreme shortages to what seems like a huge surplus of stock

    anyone got an Ike amiibo they wanna hock off to me for $8 in SA :D

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