Even Undertale's Official Merchandise Has Secrets

Even Undertale's Official Merchandise Has Secrets

Undertale is a game jam-packed with secrets, to the point that players are still discussing them and hunting for new ones. They're even in official merchandise. Thanks to Dominic Tarason, I heard that you can cut open the official Toriel plush, dig through the stuffing and find a white heart. I did a little searching and found a video of someone actually doing it:

Weirdly unsettling! It's an apt Easter egg, though, considering what happens if you (SPOILERS) kill Toriel in Undertale. After a heartbroken speech borne of loneliness and concern for your future, she fades into nothingness, leaving behind only a pure white heart. Her heart, faced with the beating red of yours, cracks in half. You can watch that here, if you're a masochist:

Hahaha real funny Toby Fox and Fangamer. What a great gag lol. I'm definitely crying from laughter right now, and not for the complete opposite reason.


    Wow, to do that he must've been filled with determination.

    I'm wearing the official Mercy shirt right now - there's an easter egg on this shirt, too. There's a little white dog printed on the inside, the self-insert of the creator, Toby Fox. It's really awesome, considering the eater eggs in the game too.

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