Fallout 4 Mods Are Coming To Xbox One Tomorrow

Just quietly, tomorrow is a pretty big deal for the Xbox One. Tomorrow is the day upon which you will be able to download Fallout 4 mods for the Xbox One.

According to Bethesda, May 31 is the date. But since we're Australians and we live in the future, that probably means tomorrow June 1 for us.

So, starting tomorrow Xbox One owners will be able to download all of these mods. The only issue: Bethesda has placed a limit of 2GB on storage. This means you can only store 2GB of mod data at once, but Bethesda has not ruled out increasing that limit at some point in the future.

Interestingly, save files will not be affected, but once players do install a mod, the game will split the save file into two — one before the mod and one after the mod. That's pretty cool. Very thoughtful indeed. Also worthy of note: achievements will be disabled whilst using mods.

I'm actually extremely excited for mods on console. I'm also glad Bethesda is leading the charge. Keen to see how this all plays out, and just how many users actually start using them regularly.

According to Bethesda, mod support for the PS4 is still on track for a June release.

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    Achievements disabled? I was wondering about that - good to know

      This is because mods can be used to cheat

        They can also be used to fix broken shit, but let's just ignore that I guess.

          Sorry, but what does that have to do with Achievements being disabled?

          Are there some which can't be achieved without "cheating"?

            You clearly don't get it.

            Some mods solely fix bugs, that's it. Some bugs can break entire quest lines, which in turn prevents some achievements being obtained because the game broke.

            Whereas a mod could have prevented something like that, not now though.

            I've had quests break on the PC version where I was able to use a mod to fix it... But if console users want similar fixes they now get to trade earning achievements for that 'luxury', simply for not wanting to deal with problems the company hasn't fixed.

      Yep. Completely lost interest in it for me hearing that ... but I uninstalled F4 after rushing through the main story and haven't regretted not going back.

      I suppose it's good for people who don't really give a shit about achievements and things (I do) but I would have thought most of those people would be playing on PC anyway.

        If you only did the storyline and nothing else, then just deleted the game, than your name makes sense. Blowjob.

    Damnable future time, I was hoping for mods tonight after work

      It's alright. I have gotten mods yet and I'm in the states. Idk if I'm doing something wrong or what.

        I have heard that a hard reset helps, it prompts the xbox to install the patch

    Personally I'm just going to wait for Obsidians Fallout 4 mod.

      I wonder if Obsidian would want to deal with Bethesda again after the contract they got for New Vegas?

    What time will it be released or do I have to buy far harbor DLC?

      Pretty sure it's just a game update that'll add the system in... PC has had access to Bethesda's mod system since before Far Harbor came out, so it's not tied in.

      depends on the maker of those mods. they will list whether you need a DLC or not. also they post a version of said mod w/o DLC

    What time is it coming out in England I've been waiting it's currently 9:35am

    Meanwhile workshop still hasn't come to steam.

    what time do they come out?

    It is already after 1 P.M. Eastern time. I would like to play with these mods sometime today. What the deuce is taking so long?

    For anyone interested

    Bethesda's servers were slammed when the mod ability for xbox came online and then there were of course server issues.

    Last I read on reddit (about an hour and a half ago now) the servers were taken down for maintenance.

    You may not be able to mod. or access the website

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