Fallout 4's World Map As A Globe

Fallout 4's World Map As A Globe

Suddenly, Fallout 4's Commonwealth, which feels pretty big in first-person view, shrinks when we can see most of it from above. An awesome idea from kidaXV, who used a panorama photo stitcher on 45 carefully selected screenshots to make this unique projection.

Fallout 4's World Map As A Globe

Slightly bigger pic above, and there's an even larger one (it's 50 MB so mobile users beware) over here where everything is visible.

via r/fo4


    The Flat Earthers will go mental over this :P

    "feels pretty big"

    what game were you playing D:

      ikr? you can walk across the map in 10-15 minutes and they call it huge. Took 2 1/2 weeks to walk across the Elder Scrolls : Daggerfall map in real time. With each iteration they make it smaller and then try to tell us how huge it is.

        So true.

        Even the epic hike through Morrowind, a tiny island, felt bigger than the huge provinces.

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