Fallout Cosplay, Pin-Up Style


    Honest question since my nether-regions are probably clouding my judgement: is this good cosplay or meh cosplay with a babe in it?

    very 1940-50's pin-up girl style. she did well. it fits the fallout universe perfectly

    Why would you ever leave the vault?

    Why would anyone want to pay tribute to old fashion photo shots of an extremely sexist era?? She is literally saying, "please, tell me what to do and make me be a stay at home mom/wife no matter what. I am a woman, therefore cannot brain or muscle." I don't think, people who pay tribute to old fashioned modeling and fashion, really understand why it was that way and what inspired it in that era. Ah, ignorance. So comforting for narrow-minded cosplayers.

      Thanks SJW, some of the most intelligent, beautiful, original and forward thinking ideas, literature and art come from eras and ideals that would shrivel most peoples private parts these days. Just because something is derived from people/actions that/who are questionable doesnt mean the outcome is intrinsically bad. I personally like the old pin up style posters, me knowing their origin doesnt detract from the look or nostalgia of watching black and white movies with my Pa and thinking the women had class rather than the "lets shove my chest out as far as i can" attitude these days (Kardasians anyone?).
      And to use your own sentiments, i do not think people who criticize without knowing why others do the things they do (like actually having a conversation with them) should be talking about ignorance. Talk about narrow minded.

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