Future Trunks Is Coming To Dragon Ball Super

Future Trunks Is Coming to Dragon Ball Super

That's not all. The anime's upcoming arc will centre around the character's future incarnation, blue hair and all. As revealed on the Dragon Ball Super official site, Future Trunks is returning to star in the, well, "Future Trunks Arc", which will begin broadcasting in Japan on June 12. The sites wonders why Future Trunks has returned and who the new antagonist will be. Perhaps you do, too!

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama designed the character's latest appearance and outlined the arc's story as well.

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    Future Trunks had purple hair, right? So why is it blue this time?

      Apparently Toriyama just draws him (and kid Trunks) with Blue hair, he'll probably have purple hair in the actual show.

        Makes sense Bulma has blue hair. Vegata wears a blue onesie. So why he come out purple?, Terrible series.

    PLEASE tell me he's come to get help to fight Kid Buu from his era.

    The sites wonders why Future Trunks has returned and who the new antagonist will be. Perhaps you do, too!
    But it's already been revealed...
    "Future Trunks, despite being so strong, barely escapes from his timeline with his life. His future was supposed to be peaceful, however, a new enemy known as the Black Goku (or Goku Black, depending on how the Japanese announcement is interpreted) has appeared to stir trouble. Where did this enemy appear from and what is his purpose?"
    Apparently the word for Black is also used for Dark, so I'm guessing it's actually supposed to be 'Dark Goku'

    Last edited 10/05/16 8:11 pm

      I wonder if this is a result of

      Beerus' wish
      at the end of erm, episode 41?

    His grandpa hair is blue yu dummies. Yu don't have to ask tha all knwin

    I love Dragonball, Z and even didn't mind GT.... but Super just makes me yawn, not sure why =/

    Dragon ball super has so far been a boring mess of uninspired villains and boring fights.
    The best in the series so far is the last fight with "Hit" and even then it's a far cry from any other fight in previous Dragon Balls.

    I thought GT was bad without Toriyama at the helm...now I actually wish someone else took over. He's still writing it like a 1990's anime, someone tell him he needs something a lot more than a new transformation to revive the series...

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