Ghost Recon Wildlands Resurfaces With New Trailer

Video: It's been nearly a year since we've heard or seen anything related to the latest entry in the Ghost Recon series, but that should change at E3. The latest trailer, featuring a guy who sure sounds like but probably isn't Matthew McConaughey, looks like an actual game. It doesn't feature a release date, but given that Ubisoft's also announced a collector's edition, it wouldn't be surprising if they're trying to launch this sometime in 2016.

(Remember, Watch Dogs 2 should get announced at E3, presumably to be released this year. Ghost Recon might end up in Ubiosft's December slot.)

Here's what Ghost Recon Wildlands looked like at E3 last year:


    super duper keen for this, i hope they learnt their lesson from The Division and this comes out more refined

      I love the concept and want to play this game, I'm imagining a Tactical Just Cause 3 I just wish it was made by Avalanche or Rockstar or Dice or ...well pretty much anyone but Ubisoft.

        ahahah, my thought exactly.
        Ubisoft do get there in the end, they just have a track record for a rocky start.

    Have uninstalled The Div until I pickup a new nVidia card after tax time. Ubi just continues to deliver an incomplete experience and I don't expect GR:W to be any exception.

    Last edited 27/05/16 10:00 am

    And EBGames have the editions up for preorder, aaaaaaaaaand I'm super disappointed with the statue that you can get.

      I think the statue looks pretty cool tbh. Horses for courses....

        oh the statue looks good, but I don't associate it with Ghost Recon.

          It's set in Bolivia... Chasing drug cartels... And that's the angel of death which is very much associated with drug cartels and south american culture in general... So you kind of have to associate it with ghost recon... lol

            Ok sure, thanks for the clarification, so it's relevant to the games bad guys.

    Remember when Ghost Recon games were about careful planning and meticulous tactics and had a stark, realistic feel to them instead of being yet another arcadey cover shooter?




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