Giant 1920s Mechs: The Video Game

Giant 1920s Mechs: The Video Game

Normally, a concept artist's job is to work on a game that already exists. In this case, a concept artist's personal work has proven so popular that it's inspired its own video game. That artist is Jakub Rozalski. We featured his badarse "1920s Polish mechs" works a few years back on Kotaku, and while in the time since they have been adapted for a board game, he's announced this week that this alternate dieselpunk world is also going to be starring in a video game.

And no, it's not just a digital adaptation of Scythe, the board game his art is starring in. It's something new.

Giant 1920s Mechs: The Video Game

Rozalski posted a couple of pieces of art on his Facebook page to announce the news, and while the art itself is actually from Scythe, he did use one of the pieces for a little games marketing:

Giant 1920s Mechs: The Video Game

There are hints that it will be a little bit RTS and a little bit RPG, but really, we know almost nothing about this project (not even who's developing it) aside from the setting. But since the setting has proven so popular that it's inspired two games — and I liked it so much that I featured in our daily concept art showcase — that's enough to get me excited for now.


    Sounds cool, but I still want a sequel to 2001's Ring of Red.

    Drops, keys and containers please.

    Been following this artist for ages, Hope they capture the threat of werewolves in the shadows , id rather a survival horror then an rts but we will see
    still good on him

    Last pick looks like a robot Ned Kelly.

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