Grant Ward Is Finally Heading To Marvel's SHIELD Comics 

Grant Ward Is Finally Heading to Marvel's SHIELD Comics

Over the years, characters made for Marvel's live-action universe have been slowly making their way to the comics themselves. Now the Agents of SHIELD TV series' greatest antagonist, Grant Ward, will join their ranks, making his Marvel Comics debut next week. Revealed through a preview released to, Marc Guggenheim and German Peralta's Agents of SHIELD comic — which already stars MCU alumni Gemma Simmons, Leo Fitz, Melinda May and, of course, Phil Coulson alongside the comics universe versions of Deathlok and Daisy Johnson — is adding the show's SHIELD agent-turned-Hydra agent-turned-Crazy Monster Man as a new thorn in the side of Team Coulson.

Grant Ward Is Finally Heading to Marvel's SHIELD Comics

It's unsurprising — like I said, the comics have been influenced by the movie material for years at this point, and Agents of SHIELD itself is essentially the TV show transplanted into the world of Marvel Comics (with an unlimited budget!) — but it's still cool. Ward is a good choice, considering how much fun he's been as a bad guy since his heel turn in season one. Getting that dynamic between him and his former allies in the SHIELD comic is going to be a delight.

Ward makes his debut in Agents of SHIELD #5, out next week.


    He has to be one of the most interesting bad guys in recent TV, alongside deathstroke in S2 of Arrow I reckon. As much as you hate him, it'd be weird to have the show without him! Though I imagine that has to happen soon.

    Cool to see him enter the comics. He's one of the best characters to come out of that show.

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