Guy Completes Doom's Hardest Difficulty Without Dying

Video: Via Eurogamer, here's Zero Master playing through Doom's hardest difficulty level — Ultra Nightmare — without dying a single time. Which is quite the feat.



    I've finished many games and I'm still alive.

      Are you sure.
      You could be Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense.

      Dun dun dunnnnnn

        Yeah man, spoilers! I've never seen harry potter and the philosopher's stone..

    I watched some of this last night, skipping here and there - and holy hell it is an increadible watch...
    This dude made it look like a damn cakewalk!

      His weapon juggling is impressive!

        Impressive? It's unbelievable!
        Plus some of the dodges he makes are crazy good. A couple of times he just jumped over imps fireballs while shooting them in the face. He seems to know how to position himself in every instance.

    Well he didnt really have a choice seeing as dying on the hardest difficulty means you have to start your campaign from scratch.

    I think FFVII had an advert for the PS1 memory card inside and said "Try beating FFVII without it", I wonder if anyone ever did? The disk changes would be nerve wracking!!

    Watching this shows how great this game is. So much skill.

    I can't see myself doing this on the PS4.

    Love the lack of a sight on the machine guns too. Makes it feel so much more violent for some reason.

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