Half A Year On, Backers Of 'Avant-Garde' Sneaker Tangiers Finally Get An Update

It's becoming all too common a story: game gets Kickstarted, developer releases a flurry of updates, followed by nothing. Sometimes forever. The surreal stealth title Tangiers looked like it was heading towards the latter fate until yesterday, when project lead Alex Harvey provided some long-awaited respite from the radio silence.

The fact is, making a game is hard. It's even more gruelling when you're shouldering most of the work yourself, as Harvey admitted in his update. This fact eventually caught up with the developer and resulted in a moment of "weakness":

It turns out that the strain and stress of working very long hours on the project daily without any real income or stability is something that causes all kinds of fun health problems, problems that can be quite disruptive against putting focus into being public facing.

According to Harvey, a "contingency plan" to get more money into the project "didn't come to light". Without cash to fund the game, the simple act of not becoming destitute took priority.

As for the game itself, it's apparently "fully and robustly functional", with Harvey posting a spreadsheet showing which aspects of the title are complete.

If it's to be believed, then Harvey's assertion that he'll have a release ready within five weeks could be possible, which he says should put the project on course for Steam Early Access.

Going from the post's comments, backers are supportive and (understandably) more concerned with Harvey's health than the game. Hopefully this will be a turning point for the developer and Tangiers will make it's Steam debut in the not-to-distant future.

Current state of progress [Kickstarter, via OnlySP]


    Another game that is going this route is Limit Theory, the guy use to make updates allot then radio silence, apparently he broke his brain, he has returned to work on LT but I don't know what his mental state is. Could end up getting a clown simulator in the end...

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