Harley Quinn Is Already Getting Her Own Movie

Warner Bros. and DC are putting a lot of faith in the release of Suicide Squad later this year — apparently to the point that it's breaking out Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn to star in her own movie. The Hollywood Reporter has just revealed that Robbie will not just reprise her role as Harley, but produce the film — and most interestingly, the film won't really just star Harley Quinn. Instead, the site claims the film will actually revolve around several female heroes and villains from DC's vast comics pantheon: names like Batgirl and the Birds of Prey (a team of female heroes that typically consists of Black Canary, Huntress and Barbara Gordon, and has featured multiple other female heroes over the years) are being bandied about.

There's little more known about the film so far, except for the fact that the undisclosed scriptwriter is female, and that Robbie pushed for the film to happen, having fallen in love with Harley and DC's female characters while researching the comics for her Suicide Squad role.

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    Of course she is, everyone is freakishly obsessed with her.

    Whelp, I guess that confirms her plot armour for Suicide Squad. Before we only had Will Smith because Will Smith.

    Come on cannon relationship with Poison Ivy

    So are we gonna get the DC's version of "Bridesmaids"?

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    Something to watch out for:

    Instead of self-described 'hardcore' comic book geeks acting like gate-keepers to the properties and characters in these stories and blowing a gasket whenever cinematic adaptations seem off-brand (ie Batfleck), you'll see them simultaneously distance themselves but silently agree with the online alt-right lunatics that will complain about an emasculated Batman/etc in a female-centric DC movie.

    Mark my words.

      I dunno, there are a lot of older comic book fans that legit had no issue with the times that Harley did a better job than the Joker of being a member of Bat's rogues gallery.

      I only really got heavilly into DC just before 52 and I am cautiously optimistic about this idea.

        Not to get into the 'fake fan' crap, but these virtual terrorists seek out people who want to loudly champion the fact it's a big movie with strong female representation in what were traditionally male roles, and just want to wreck everything for all involved. Targeted insults and abuse towards someone being POSITIVE about something so that that person feels intimidated and un-welcome in some way - by people who have no interest in the film anyway.

        They are not so much 'acting out because they feel threatened' they just use the fact there's an all-girl DC movie to abuse females anonymously, no matter the excuse.

          No offence intended Leigh we have argued in the past and we have very different views on gender politics, but to be fair there is no difference in the amount of hate males get vs females online; your opinion is just skewed because you can relate to a theoretical victim on this subject.

          "I would like to point out that most of the people giving Gal's Wanderwoman crap were not men, but women hating on her slender more athletic look."

          The above statement is tantamount to the logic you are using. You used a blanket statement that is incredibly unfair and belies a certain level of animosity that I just can't understand.

          The fairest view point to have is "Not all _____________", but my guess is you will turn around now and just down vote me and make some ridiculous statement without any evidence.

          What a time to be a liberal female. /s

            Sorry, I cannot recall.

            I'm a guy who liked Batman v Superman. You cannot deny that a great deal of animosity and negativity towards that film has been from the comic book fan quarter, and in a smug, I-know-more-than-you fashion. I hate the word geek and any attempts to 'reclaim it' or whatever. I shouldn't have used it in my first post. My apologies for coming off aggro.

            Now, gender politics and my views on them don't enter into the fact that happened.

            DC and WB have a monumental image problem at the moment, and I am all for any attempt they can make to try and arrest it. Why shouldn't we be?

            I don't vote down, I don't dislike the 'Not all' stuff, and I don't think I want to enter into what you're alluding to just right now, did we fight or did we discuss something? I am a little hurt to be honest - but my point stands - there are certain parties on the 'dark web' (again, I hate talking in these terms) that will wait for the scores of proud, happy people (ie women) championing this movie, and make their lives hell.

      Something to watch out for:


      Mark my words.

    So is this why Arrow... killed off Black Canary?
    Might sound silly but they did it for Deadshot, Deathstroke, Waller, even Harley Quinn (was supposed to have a short appearance a while ago but got pulled because of Suicide Squad).

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    Sure - Robbie rocks hot pants and is probably the predominant wallpaper of choice for adolescent's gaming pcs right now but she's yet to show anything more competent than you'd see on redtube [citation required]
    Maybe hang less with Smith - his career is littered with failed star vehicles. Robbie should go do an indie or something. Get some cred. Because this way lies ruin.

      She was in "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" as a character that wasn't in the biography that the film was based on. I think that counts as an indie film since it was produced by Tina Fey's production company.
      I wish Robbie wasn't in the film. Someone I went to the film with said that her character gave the protagonist another woman to talk to and relate to. Robbie's character was painful and her first conversation with Fey's character was about whether she was allowed to have sex with Fey's character's bodyguard. Groan.

    if the film tanks its an i told you so about women casts, if its a success, then its an imagine if it had a male leading character

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