Harvey Norman Will Now Deliver Games To You In Three Hours

As much as we'd all like to move to digital only purchases, the ever-present reality of the Australia Tax and publishers that like to gouge mean that we're still going to be buying from brick-and-mortar retailers for the foreseeable future. And Harvey Norman today has just given another reason to consider shopping local, partnering with Shippit to provide three hour delivery across all Australian cities.

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It's not much help if you live in the bush or a semi-rural area, but for those living in the Australian smoke it now means — years after The Iconic introduced it for fashion — you can order a game or a product and have it delivered to your home within 3 hours.

The arrangement is possible thanks to the retailer's partnerships with Australia Post and Shippit. The latter is a specialist delivery service that began life early last year connecting couriers and delivery services to homeware and fashion boutiques. Its main drawcard is the ability to choose shipping times from between 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM, helping dodge the frustration of a missed courier.

The three hour service is available for small goods, consumer electronics and small appliances from today. You'll also be able to leave comments about your experience.

"Providing a seamless purchase experience for our customers is critical," Harvey Norman's chief digital officer Gary Wheelhouse said in a release. "We introduced Click & Collect in 2012 to make it easier for customers to get the items they bought online, from their local Harvey Norman store. By using those same stores, we can now offer even greater flexibility and improved customer service with our new scheduled, same day delivery option."


    As much as we’d all like to move to digital only purchasesNuh uh!


        Agree so much, don't ever kill my boxed games >_

      Wel while Sony release PS4's that like to randomly eject your disk, it is digital only for me...

      I got UC4 on the PSN for $79, and was $89 at JB so the gap is getting better...just don't mention DOOM.

    After having a Harvey Norman franchisee insist he didn't have to follow Australian consumer law and head office refuse to step in I'll continue boycotting Harvey Norman.

    Also I can drive to a JB in like 10 minutes, he'll even if I bussed it I could be home in like an hour round trip.

      Pretty reasonable stance. I won't shop at MSY after they refused to exchange or return a motherboard even though a global Sandy Bridge recall had been issued.

        I always feel like shopping at MSY is like a gamble. I'm placing a bet the part I'm buying is going to last at the price I got it for and they're betting they won't need to replace it =P

        I like to compare the experience to the same as taking out life insurance.

        MSY are pretty special. I've been to multiple stores in multiple states and the customer service has been universally terrible. They flat out ignore you until you directly approach them, at which point they become actively hostile.

        Usually good prices, though. If I can't wait for something to be shipped I'll still buy from them.

        Got to admit it was only a tangentially relevant comment, but after such horrific treatment any chance of negative advertising I can give them is just far too tempting =P

        Also good to hear about MSY, just been scoping out the computer parts recently for my first build. I'd heard a few similar but less specific things about them that had me slightly wary.

        Can confirm this experience with MSY. Had a PSU go on me within the warranty period. They refused a refund and instead insisted on sending it off to be fixed. Which would mean i would not be able to use my computer for months, Which was out of the question, The manager refused a refund untill i threatened contacting the ACCC. That got me a refund almost instantly. This was the Pascoe Vale MSY in vic. They are utter shit. Avoid them like the plague,

        MSY always seem to lie to me, you aren't entitled to a refund because the device was broke when the box was opened. Or my favourite where they tell you they have something in stock over the phone and it's not there when you get to the store.

        You would not believe the evil glare they gave me at MSY when I gave a guy trying to return a faulty keyboard the relevant information. Actually for those with MSY experience you probably would. Still they are close and cheap and if it's something I need fast I still shop there.

        UMart is usually cheaper and better Customer Service, although the last one isn't hard. They have 2 lines, 1 for people who order ahead and just want to pick up and pay and one where you can ask 7000 questions. I wish more stores did this. I just want an X, and I'm always stuck behind the guy who wants to chat.

        A while back, the ACCC forced them to display signs stating that they had breached Australian consumer law, and that they were obliged to meet their obligations, which were outlined on the sign. Obviously, a customer had had enough of their shenanigans.

        I personally haven't had any issues with them, despite being a relatively high volume customer over the years, but if any company tries to BS with me, I just namedrop the ACCC (or TIO, or what have you), and find that I rarely have to follow through.

    But are the prices competitive, dippaaaaaaaa, are they?

    "I think one of the great tragedies with youth is that they spend so much time playing games and crap on computers and they’re not outside. You’re not healthy and it’s a big problem in our society. If I could get rid of computers, all leisure computers for all of Australia I probably would. They can have them at school, but leisure time — no. We’re talking about kids playing games mostly online and wasting their life away basically playing games online because they’re not getting any physical activity and their minds are screwed up on these games."
    - Gerry Harvey, owner, Harvey Norman, a company that sells 'leisure computers' for profit

      Eh, I'm not overly in disagreeance with that. I spend way too much time just sitting at my computer reading internets instead of doing god knows what else. Including playing games :P

      Has he looked at himself in the mirror? He doesn't really look like he knows what exercise is.

        you can exercise a ton but be overweight (i'm 100kg and 171 cm tall and walk 10-20km once a day)

        Let me just say having eating as your only coping method is a hell of a bad time though heh

      What an arrogant douche he must be. They are not his kids, it is not his life, it is not his business.

      I played video games growing up, and still do now. And I weigh 53kg. If and when I have children, so will they, as long as they are earning the privilege. And it's not Gerry's or anybody else's business (except perhaps their mother's to an extent).

    "I’ll go down in history as saying the internet doesn’t work. That will be on my epitaph I presume."
    - Gerry Harvey, owner, Harvey Norman, a company that just poured however much money into a three-hour leisure computer program delivery service for his online store.

      Dunno when that was said,but I'm sure he's eating his words now.

    Say I want to buy a Nintendo game (ie Fire Emblem, let's say) from an Aussie retailer.

    I want to know what percentage of my money goes to whom - Nintendo AU, Nintendo EU, the distributor that acts as the wholesaler/liaison between the two Nintendo subsidaries, and of course the store I'm buying from.

    This is all I've ever wanted.

    Harvey Norman and Nintendo seem to have an.......interesting relationship in this country. In the 90s, when my local opened - the gaming section was fully stocked with Playstation gear, disc-based PC games were still hot property, and the Dreamcast was the new killer gaming device.

    I had a Nintendo 64. WHAT A CRIME. Any game I wanted had to be specially ordered in. I wanted the 'niche' stuff - I can't really remember how well-stocked or if there was any stock at all for Nintendo/Gameboy gear.

    Now, that's a personal anecdote, but years later this happened:


    Is this still the case? I reckon so.


    They have a grand total of SIX pc games on their website.
    42 PS4 games.

      Hahaha I was just thinking that, sounds like a good deal but wtf would I buy from Harvey Norman? Before the HN near my place shut down I seem to recall its game section was smaller than Kmarts.

      That's just how it's going. My local EB has all but dismantled their PC games section. It's way at the back, with only 2 'coming soon' games displayed and most of the very few pc games they have in stock are 12 or more months old.

        And my local EB Games (not a particularly large one physically) has a sizeable PC section, with quite a large variety of games. Yes, it is still smaller than their Xbox and PS4 counterparts (I mean physically, the selection in the PC section is larger with fewer copies per game), but hey, we DO buy most of our games digitally. It's only a matter of time until consoles are in a similar situation, they are just lagging a few years behind.

    Because when I think of buying games, I think if Harvey Norman? No.

    Considering Gerry Harvey had a major part in pushing for the abolishment of the $1000 GST threshold for overseas purchases... I'm giving this a big fat NO.

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