HBO Accused Of Trying To Censor Game Of Thrones Spoilers

HBO Accused Of Trying To Censor Game Of Thrones Spoilers

HBO has been going after Game of Thrones pirates for years now, but this week things took a turn for the weird when the creator of a popular series of YouTube videos — claiming to air spoilers for the show before it airs — was hit with copyright takedown notices.

Frikidoctor, who (via TorrentFreak) claims to have inside sources that tell him story points before an episode hits TV screens, says that some of his videos — which are mostly in Spanish — have been removed from YouTube because of copyright claims by HBO.

Some older videos did indeed feature small snippets of footage from stuff like trailers, which HBO might have been able to complain about on a technicality, but his latest clip was nothing but Frikidoctor wearing a Mexican wrestling mask and talking about the story. Yet it too was taken down.

Having wondered whether it was now illegal to discuss spoilers in the United States, Frikidoctor is now going to appeal the decision, and maybe get a lawyer to help out, too.


    I really hope HBO gets slapped for this.

    Infringement might be out of control, but IP-holder abuse of copyright laws is ALSO out of control and that is not an appropriate response.

    Last edited 10/05/16 12:18 pm

      Agreed. Even if they were equivalent crimes, corporate giants should be held to a higher standard than some random on YouTube.

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