Here's All The Final Fantasy XV Stuff That Happened Over The Weekend

Picture the scene.

You like Final Fantasy, but not quite enough to watch a niche livestream to glean all the super nerdy details about the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

Still, you would like to know what the hell is going on.

This video is for you.

It's a handy rundown of all the new Final Fantasy stuff that happened over the weekend. That's right, STUFF was unveiled. New stuff. Gameplay stuff, art stuff, other stuff.

So much stuff.



    Uh, this didn't happen over the weekend. It happened over 1 and a half months ago. A bit late for the video now

      Yeah, I guess it's been a slow news day and they need some clicks.

      Video was published May 20,2016. While your technically correct, Mark is technically not incorrect either

    Looks pretty good. I had pretty much written ff15 off as looking bad from previous trailers which i hadn't liked the looks of but this looks really good and got me interested again

      Demos up on PSN for all now. Very kingdom hearts

        Do you mean that weird dream one that is 99% walking around following a rat and turning into a truck and stuff? Cause man, if their intention was for me to NOT want to play the game, they sure made a winner there. Yikes.

          Really? I loved all the dream stuff. I was searching every nook & cranny for hidden magic & weapons.

    WARNING: Presenters may cause extreme headaches! Paracetamol strongly advised. Seriously, those idiots were annoying. Is this what Americans are all like? Loud and obnoxious?

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