Here's That DOOM Video, But In-Game This Time

When NVIDIA showed off their GTX 1070 and 1080 not too long ago, they brought some help to show off just how powerful the card really was. Part of that help arrived in the form of DOOM, running at super-high frame rate.

The only video available was what people recorded from the audience, either on their own cameras, phones, or footage from the livestream. But NVIDIA's published two versions of the in-game footage today, ahead of DOOM's launch tomorrow.

The two versions are actually the same video, although it's not the same as what was recorded during the livestream. According to iD, they "accidentally left their GeForce GTX 1080 at the event when packing up" so the new 6-minute slaughter reel had to be recorded on a TITAN X instead.

If you hop over to the NVIDIA website, you'll find a 2.1GB uncompressed, uncut version of DOOM running on the Vulkan renderer (support for which will arrive post-launch). The game's been cranked up to a FOV of 120, about 30 clicks higher than the default setting.

ID executive producer Marty Stratton also noted that the gameplay was recorded "with the player's personal upgrades and rune perks set for advanced speed and movement capabilities". Something to take note of.

I wonder just how many upgrades and rune perks had to be applied to fling around the map that quickly. Between you and me, I'd be perfectly happy if that was the default speed from the off.


    Hes also using a high FOV which makes it look faster.

    So with my new z170 Mobo and i7-6700 (not K) purchases, would I be able to achieve something close to this? I'm looking at monitors currently but really waiting on how the new GTXs run in the wild before I make a decision.

    You could probably pick up a 970 or even a 980 for a reasonable price once the 1070/1080 drops. The i7 will do just fine and you shouldn't have any issues with the motherboard. The real trick is the Vulkan drivers; most games don't support it yet and DOOM won't when it launches tomorrow, but it should in about a week or two.

    When that Vulkan support is patched in: I'd wager yes.

    the movement speed is alot quicker then modern fps games from the get go, i was actually trying to find which button was run because i thought it was stuck on.

    Last edited 12/05/16 11:27 am

    I hope i dont HAVE to play at that pace. That was headache inducing.

    correct me if im wrong but isnt Vulkan the API that was being developed primary by AMD. i know its open sourced, but it still feels kinda weird seeing nvidia give airtime to something developed byt their rival

    I gonna keep saying this, its Doom and Quake3Arena merged together!

    Vulkan is for all hardware, like DX12, it has similarities to AMD's Mantle. The beauty of Vulkan is it works on all platforms, yes Windows Vista to Linux to Android. It is true however that DX12 is a more complete package for creating async gaming but it also has some pretty nasty limitations (being windows10 only!).

    DX12 has benefit of including sound/keyboard/mouse functionality, Vulkan from what I understand is a pure GRAPHICS API. I think in the long run that is not a weakness but a benefit, does mean developers will need to do more work initially to get Vulkan running vs DX12 which is more streamlined development wise (as it has all functions included in its API).

    Last edited 12/05/16 11:41 am

      Large parts of the Mantle code formed the basis for Vulkan, AFAIK. And as you say, it's a low-level API (although so is DX12).

      Next couple of years should be real fun on the PC.

    “with the player’s personal upgrades and rune perks set for advanced speed and movement capabilities”
    Urgh, so the start of the game is going to be slow and boring -w-

    please tell me it's not going to be another jump fest!
    hate trying to play a FPS only to find out playing Kangaroo Simulator
    skip-skip, jump-jump

      It's old school like quake mp. Love it. It's about fast reflexes, keen eyes and learning the map.

        For MP - yes. For people who don't play MP but want to enjoy the game for what it is, might be a turn-off.

    Yay. A corridor shooter. How 1998.

      There was very little corrider shooting. It consisted mostly of shooting waves of enemies in open but small battle arenas, like a horde/zombie mode. Complete that arena, then walk through corrider to next arena. Also, shit comment.

        Yeah but you followed it up with your masterclass comment and completely schooled me so in hindsight, totally worth it.

        Where would we be without people like you calling us out on the internet to tell us our opinions are shit. I mean, if there's an internet like that then I don't want to know about it!

        I like you. You're nice.

          Haha rofl you stepped up your comment game. Great comment.

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