Here’s The Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Trailer [Updated]

Here’s The Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Trailer [Updated]

It’s been leaked a little earlier than Activision and Infinity Ward probably wanted, mind you.

So here’s some things that won’t surprise you: the game’s definitely called Infinite Warfare. There’s a lot of explosions. The plot revolves around “the biggest surprise attack in the history of the world”.

And there’s Star Wars-like battlecruisers in space. I’m not kidding, check it out.

I’m actually kind of keen to see what Infinity Ward does with the space element — but then I’m one of those weird people who like playing the COD campaigns. What about you?

Update: Activision has published the full 3 minute, 24 second trailer now, which you can view below.


    • Same lol Funny thing is, i had a fucking feeling as the music/trailer was building it was going to be some version that piece, especially when it went to the space bits (i wasn’t expecting a terrible cover like that though). As soon as the vocals started i clicked close immediately haha

  • Who cares anymore? BLOPS III literally just came out. I can’t handle anymore grey and brown military FPSs!

      • Soz man. Didn’t realise that you were 10 and that 6 months is 5% of your life. I can see why that feels like a long time to you.

        I personally need a lot longer than 6 months between my brown military FPSs to feel like tackling another one.

        • I didn’t say it felt like a long time, I was pointing out your apparent misunderstanding of the word literally.

          Plus, it’s extremely well documented by now that Activision release these things annually, yet you seem surprised that another one is being teased.

          • 6 months is annually now? Awesome.

            PS – I know I’m being a dick. Sorry man. Terrible weekend and bad sleep last night. I shouldn’t be communicating with anyone on any platform. Good news is I should sleep awesome tonight 🙂

        • Well then you have a year considering Infinity warfare isnt out just the trailer so yeah either say you need more than 12 months or your saying is invalid

  • If it has a “boots on ground” mode (no exo suits/ jetpacks) in MP I will be happy. Also if that rumor of CoD4 remastered is true I will be even more happy.
    if it is just going to be CoD: HALO or CoD: Killzone, then I’ll be less happy, and will probably skip it.

  • Call Of Duty just ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be, ain’t what she used to be.

  • I know I’m meant to feel indifferent to a COD game but you know what, I’m really interested in this. Taking a fight into space looks like some rad scifi

  • Infinite warfare hey…looks like we’ve finally reached peak warfare. Unless the next game is infinity+1

  • I liked the last 15 seconds.

    CoD has lost its way, they need to go back to being what Modern Warfare was and forget the future crap.

    • Let’s go back 5 five years ago when you said COD needs to go further and give people more movement you unpleasable side switched

  • I really liked the modern warfare series and i love sci-fi so hopefully infinity ward can do something cool here to make it fun.

    Also i dont like how much hate COD always gets, sure it deserves some of it releasing a new one every year but half the time people are complaining its the same thing every year and most of them haven’t even played more than a couple of them and its not like you have to buy them every year. I went from black ops 2 to black ops 3 (3 year gap) and right before black ops 3 released there were still tons of people playing number 2. If you just get the ones you really like the look of COD can still be great fun, because really they are well made games and pretty well balanced multiplayer thats fun if you need something quick to play.

    Anyway that was longer than intended, but i feel COD gets a bit more hat than it deserves so i wanted to say something

    • Last one I bought was Modern Warfare 3…At least I’m pretty sure it was 3 and not 2…

      Played Black Ops a few times on their free weekends but that was enough for me. Some day I might buy another CoD but CS:GO has given me enough of an fps fix for now.

      As for the CoD hate…it’s pretty much deserved. Releasing a new one every year and they’re all mostly the same. Completely flooded the fps market which is what killed that entire genre for me for a few years.

  • This is getting out of control. How exactly are those “explosions”? Grey and brown dust clouds are not explosions. This engine needs a serious upgrade.

      • When in Cambodia my friends and I shot a grenade launcher, RPG and various machine guns and I can tell you now when a RPG goes off it doesn’t leave this little piff of dust that this trailer is showing and these are supposed to be futuristic weapons? Bah.

  • The only COD game I’ve liked has been Advanced Warfare (I am not a COD fan I don’t care about the military or shooting things but kevin spacey is cool and big jumps and cool stealth missions outta nowhere are fun) so I’m actually looking forward to this! I’d love another A.W. style Call of Duty game.

  • Isn’t the premise of the campaign awfully similar to many of the previous ones? Got attacked, never saw it coming. Don’t know who, but gotta find out with guns in varied locations etc.

  • Hopefully you can buy Modern Warfare remastered separately, because that’s all I’m interested in

    • Remember activision still has a part in this…they know full well that selling MW separate will seriously effect IW’s sales. They have to sell it with IW so it actually has sales.

  • COD : Destiny.

    Should’ve known it was going to end up here but I’ll preorder for Modern Warfare. Hopefully they release it as a separate title. Time to introduce my sons to the ‘Original’ Warfare.

  • That cover was terrible.

    I’m still not sure how I feel about this to be honest. It’s not the whole “BERT IT’S NOT BOOTS ON DER GROUND” thing. I actually really enjoyed Advanced Warfare.

    I’m just not sure how CoD will feel in such an above-and-beyond-even-Blops3 future setting. Honestly I’m more excited to see how Titanfall 2 does, and any other projects Respawn might be working on. With the original Titanfall, the ex-Infinity Ward guys really nailed the whole gritty, grounded future setting. This maybe not so much.

    TL;DR no pre-ordering, wait and see.

  • Modern Warfare Remastered! Yes!

    I hope they offer a ‘Classic mode’ with the same weapons and killstreaks as the original Modern Warfare. I’m worried they’ll lump in all the current over saturation of perks and streaks into the old maps.

  • Am I the only one that thinks using a Space Oddity cover is a bit of poor taste? A shameless cash grab just because of Bowie’s death. I am sure it wouldn’t be used otherwise.

  • There is always such hate for COD and the ‘not as good as it use to be’ comments yet the games stay in the top 10 in sales for months… Gotta love the vocal minority 🙂

    Genius move to include COD4… they’ll get sales just for that I reckon. (including me)

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