Here's The Cheapest Places To Buy DOOM

DOOM's coming out tomorrow. Expectations have been mixed since the closed and open betas, but if you're like me: this is a new DOOM game. It's like Game of Thrones. It doesn't matter that the latest season is going downhill. You're in it for the long haul.

Fortunately, there are some retailers not charging you $80-90 for a copy of iD's latest shooter. So if you want to get your pump action shotty on this weekend, here's where you need to go.

Big W

Price: $59 (PC), $69 (PS4/XB1) Hello. When did Big W decide to pull a Fallout 4? According to the online listing, the offers are only available in store. Availability will vary from store to store too, but if you're lucky enough this is hands down the best deal available.

The Gamesmen

Price: $64 The trick with this one is that it's not a standard online or in-store listing, but an Ebay group deal. There are only a few hundred copies left, so you might want to jump on this one straight away. $5 isn't much of a saving, mind you.

You can pre-order the game for $69 online or in-store as well, and those who pre-order will get some DLC goodies to go with it.


Price: $69 The company confirmed via social media that they'll be selling DOOM for $69 at launch.

Cheeky buggers.


Price: $69 Surprise: Kogan has a video game that you might want for a decent price — unlike the $85 they still want for an XB1 copy of Watch Dogs.

The link above is for the PC version, but the PS4 and XB1 builds are selling for $69 too. If you want to have a laugh, you could scroll through this list for older games at hilariously exorbitant prices. Like NBA 2K15 on the PS3 for $62. Or the original version of Destiny for more than what most retailers are selling The Taken King.

Or you could ignore all that and buy DOOM. Shipping's free, which is nice, although if you order now you probably won't see it until next week. I'd rather buy in store and play it over the weekend.

JB Hi-Fi

Price: $89

JB's got an exclusive "Steelbook Pack" that comes with a pin badge set and a Demon multiplayer DLC pack. That's a custom armour set, six hack modules, metallic paints and three iD logo patterns. Apart from the hack modules, it's all cosmetic stuff.

If you just want the ordinary game, it'll still cost you $89. But given that the DLC and the base game could probably be bought for less elsewhere, I don't know why you'd shop at JB this time.

EB Games

Price: $99.95

EB's pricing is even more off the charts. They're carrying an exclusive UAC edition, which comes with a Union Aerospace poster, a handbook with some concept art and visuals "surrounding the setting of the game", two fabric patches, and the game itself.

At least you're getting a copy of the disc for your $100. But if I was going to spend extra dosh on DOOM lore, it'd be on Ebay for some of the original posters, not stuff like this. Each to their own, I guess.

As for the online retailers...


Price: $57.99 (PC), $64.99 (PS4, XB1)

The British-based retailer has made a decent effort in shipping games to Australians for a semi-reasonable price for a while, and their offering for DOOM isn't half bad here. They sell games in AUD, which is nice, but the delay in shipping a game from Sheffield to, say, Melbourne isn't.

If you're buying the PC version, however, you'll get a CD key instead. You might not actually get your code until late Friday or sometime Saturday though. Some people might prefer to spend their whole weekend smashing out DOOM straight away; that's worth an extra $10 or $15 for many. Your call.


Price: $108.95 (after USD-AUD conversion)

There's no special bonuses or DLC that comes with pre-ordering DOOM on Steam, so you're really just paying through the nose to ensure Lord Gaben and co. get a cut instead of a retailer somewhere else. But given that you'll probably be downloading patches through Steam anyway, you might as well wander to a store in person or order a boxed copy to avoid the frustration of having your internet tied up for half a day.

Green Man Gaming

Price: $81.75 (after AUD-USD conversion)

Not a bad deal, but you can get a better offering elsewhere.

Those are all the reputable deals we've found so far. What about yourselves — spot anything good?


    Because of unemployment, my money is limited. So I want reviews out to help me decide to get Doom or Uncharted.

      I could probably tell you which one without waiting for the Doom review...

      Man, it's also smart to do that. You'd be nuts to buy this day 1 without some extreme readiness for disappointment.

    so you’re really just paying through the nose to ensure Lord Gaben and co. get a cut instead of a retailer somewhere else

    exactly how I feel about the current steam domination.... thnx Alex

    Last edited 12/05/16 2:25 pm

    The moment I found out Bethesda didnt send out review copies to anyone I became incredibly skeptical of this game. Now I have no intention of buying this until all the reviews are out.

      Yep. Wait a week and it might be half price. ;)

    I get $49 AUD on theres a 47% of paypal sale apparantly

      Confirmed. Just ordered for the same price, plus an order fee of about $1.60

      It seems to be a bit cheaper at, they are doing it for 44.99 AUD and if you give them a facebook like you get another 5% off.

      Last edited 12/05/16 3:29 pm is one of the best finds i have had in years. Almost every AAA game released on there is under $50 AUD. If you pre order soon enough. I grabbed Mafia 3 for $42, unreal XD

    Hey Alex you can also add Gaming Dragons to the list for digital, currently going at 40.56 USD without any discount code. ive been using since 2k bullied GMG and Ozgameshop into charging us more (so about 4 years now). Very reliable and they will sell to you even if a game gets RC with instructions on how to get around any region blocking. (note this is for PC, though they do sell PS3/4 and Xbox codes aswell)

    Who the fuck ever pays $100 for a game these days??

      I think I payed like $120 for Conkers Bad Fur Day back in the day....

        I paid about a total of 400 bucks to get Megaman Zero 1, 3 and 4 on eBay a month before they announced a collectors DS version.

        I distinctly remember paying $114 for my copy. Most I've ever spent on a game (excluding hardware-inflated stuff like Guitar Hero etc).

    Welcome. Here's your Day 1 Video-Game Buyer's Handbook.

    Chapter 1: Paying top dollar for the faux prestige after failing to convince the clerk that doesn't even look old enough to play it let alone sell it to break street date.

    Chapter 2: Coping with the firmware update you are forced to download even though you pre-ordered so really the weekend crowd will end up playing it the same time as you anyway.

    Chapter 3: Posting your latest comment in an online argument about the review/downgrade/spoiler.

    Chapter 4: Porta-loos and you.

    Chapter 5: Early Sales aren't tracking as high as expected? Stir some controversy. It's a First Person Shooter, it won't be hard.

    Last edited 12/05/16 2:35 pm

      I'm going to jump straight to Chapter 5 without buying the game (because it's the internet) and say that there's no way DOOM can possibly be worth buying day 1, because Bethesda has held review codes until launch day.

        That's part of a wider conversation, though.

        XCOM 2 gamed review sites into practically being PR for it, for instance, by allowing reviews to be published a week out from release. Of course you could only purchase it on the one platform, one that's predominately digital anyway. 'Pre-ordering' something digital is not the same as reserving a copy of something physical for yourself at a bricks and mortar counter. It's accepted practise however in our little microcosm.

        Bioshock Infinite enabled one site alone to have an 'exclusive' review of it days before other sites - and this was well in advance of the game being available.

        That's just two examples of how weird the 'countdown to launch' period is for 'event games' like this. After the E3s, the hype, but before the release of reviews/the game itself.

        The gaming press has had this dilemma for a while now between choosing to service its readers and the organisations whose products they feature, I'm less cynical about what Bethesda is doing here and hope the game is good, even though I personally don't really see myself champing at the bit to play it.

          I think if nothing else it suggests that the focus of the game is multiplayer rather than single player. Even then, you'd wonder why there weren't review servers switched on to allow for reviewers to play against each other prior to launch.

          I guess Bethesda thinks that the reviews are going to be mediocre and/or that the name 'DOOM' alone will pump sales more than reviews would.

            Oh totally, but that delves into almost political territory, punditry. It's unfair in some ways to always second-guess and scrutinise every tiny detail - again, at this point in the process - because the final product should be allowed to be judged on its own merits.

    I pre ordered from Oz Game shop last week. Got the key this morning, plenty of time for pre download.

      Same. If you preorder you allways get the key a day earlier to preload. Very impressed with Oz game. I got Overwatch Origins Ed preordered of them for $57. Sure beats the $90 price.

    Price: $108.95 (after USD-AUD conversion)

    Jesus; remember when PC games were cheaper to buy online ...

      It's just stupid. I always buy a cd key now, steams default prices are insanely overpriced for Australians.

      Steam used to be fantastic because it offered a cheap alternative straight up. But, tax hikes, currency conversion, etc. has fucked all that up :(

        yeah it's a pity really; with sites like GMG and CDkeys etc it's easy enough to get the games on release for a reasonable price; it's just insane it's literally half the price of buying from steam.

        Blame 2k Games. thery are pricks started the price gouging back in 2009, they are the only who bullied Ozgameshop and GMG into increasing their prices. They are cunts that tried to the exact same thing to CDPR and GoG.

    OzGameShop have been pretty decent in getting the CD Keys out reasonably fast with the previous pre-orders I've done with them for digital editions. If we were talking days of delay, fine.. but a few hours is nothing. With the last few times I've pre-ordered digital through them, I've got my key very quickly.

      It's important to note that they say they only ship their keys within UK business hours. Well. They say that, but I swear I've got some over the weekend, and we're only 10hrs ahead of them.

    from greenmangaming, you can get it for 45 USD if you use the code Doom25


    you also get Doom 3 BFG edition last looked

    Last edited 12/05/16 4:40 pm

      $44.99AUD from my key this morning. Pre-loaded and ready to go.

        reputable place?

        I'm always in the market to find other alternative digital stores

 wanted to charge A$64.99 this morning.

          GMG with the Doom25 voucher worked very well, however (and I bought it).

            only downside to is that their prices tend to go up when the game is released. Their pre order prices are one of the best around thats reputable.

            There seems to be a similar site with that still has it for AU$45

              Don't know how reputable that site is, though.

            Ozgameshop somehow has the EB exclusive Edition for XBox one

            Doom UAC Pack Xbox One for $66

              That's because Ozgameshop (despite the name) is based in the UK and their copies are PAL UK copies. So local retail exclusives don't mean much to them.

                it just 365games with a different name

                I had never seen any EB Exclusives on there before though

    From CDkeys.
    Got the keys this morning (game and DLC). 45GB to download. Got home at 5pm... half way there...

    Last edited 12/05/16 5:43 pm

    Oh boy,I finish at 1130 tomorrow, there's a big w just down the road from my work, I'm sold.
    Was going to start a new game plus of ds3 but im'a have a doomsday instead.

    I would like to pick it up but shitty internet means no 45gb dload for me hope yhey release the whole thing on a couple of dvds

    WRONG - are the cheapest place to get Doom, $44.99AU and if you like them on facebook you get a further 5% discount which means only a measly $42AU for the game plus DLC pack , I just finished preloading the game on my Steam account

    dont pay the extra premiums advertised in this article

    God bless you, Mr Walker.
    (Any god. Preferred, most disliked, all of them why not)

    Got mine for $62.34 on Xbox one from the Argentinian market place :)

    I got mine from - ships from NZ I think, came with a tshirt, BFG keyring and poster for $78 + shipping

    I guess the companies think you spend X millions on marketing, so its ok to charge a fortune. And of course, they seem to think the Australia tax is still fooling us.

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