Here's Your First Look At The New Power Rangers Movie Suits

Here's Your First Look at the New Power Rangers Movie Suits

We've seen the new teenagers with attitude in their civilian looks already, but finally, we get to see what this new cinematic take on the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers looks like post-transformation. They look like Tony Stark designed them. Revealed by Entertainment Weekly this morning, the suits try to keep some of the traditional elements of the classic Ranger costumes — the animal-shaped helmets, the classic colours have thankfully not been muted — but then blended with the armoured look that has been popularised in costume design by the school of Stark Industries. Weirdly enough, they have more in common with the armoured suits from the first MMPR movie than the original show.

Also, what the hell is up with the boob-plating on Trini and Kimberly? That seems... a bit much. But at least these, unlike Rita's design, feel a little more Power Rangers-y.

The Power Rangers movie is due to release in the US on 24 March 2017.


    Too Ironman-Y for me. Plus the whole boob thing is ridiculous.
    I'm gonna stick with Kamen Rider instead.

      Hentai Kamen was much better. :P

        I don't want to toot my own horn as to who is the best rider...

    so err sex sells? heh

    reminds me of the power armor in the first GI Joe movie but I can see the Stark influence too. I'll reserve judgement for when a trailer comes out

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    What's wrong with the boobs? The male versions already have something going on there so the female ones just have to stand out a bit more. Plus, you know...women have boobs. What's wrong with that?

      Aside from being explicitly designed to accentuate and draw attention to them it's highly impractical from an armour perspective. This is a better example of what female armour should be like.

        Yeah, but then they may as well just be guys...that armour is the same as the male version. Need something to show that there's women in them thar suits.

      The males don't really look like they have much going on at all. They could probably do with a little breathing space.

    i don't think they're over the top and i definitely think they look cool, but yes, the boobs were the first thing my eyes were drawn to. and also it sets an unreal expectation of what the girls boobs need to look like outside of the suit.

    They look like they're designed for combat, so I approve.

    Here's hoping that the monsters look like 8 foot tall zoanoids.

    it's like iron man and guyver made love and produced robot children.

    There is a theory going around at the moment that Rita is actually the Green Ranger who became corrupted. She has similarish armour to these guys only it's broken looking and as if it's fused into her body at parts. Would be cool if that turned out to be true.

      Someone did a recolour of the pink ranger and the similarities are even more obvious.

    I feel like this is pretty hard source material to adapt. The original costumes are at least partially an adoption of something else and heavily limited by technology. They had to be body suits so the actors could move which begs the question were they ever actually meant to be body suits? They looked like Adam West Batman but I always considered them more like impossibly tight power armour. More like Guyver.
    On that note the mouths should probably be animated like metal skin. Again it's stupid but I think when the suits were being designed they were expressive but that was impractical when it came time to actually make the show.

    I dunno, it's an interesting one to think of. People who grew up with Power Rangers aren't particularly aware of it's origins so you've got to adapt it based purely on Power Rangers, but there's a lot of implications about Power Rangers that stem from Power Rangers source material.

    Just trash. Too busy looking and not distinct. Barely even looks like it pays homage to the original. Not to mention that the stink of Michael Bays Transformers or TMNT is all over this design.

      Eh. I don't hate them nearly as much as the Transformers designs. These at least have clean, readable silhouettes and a bit of flow to them.

      The Zords are going to be the real test of the art style. Here's hoping they're not greebled into incoherency.

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        I find the silhouettes too samey to like. Although that is also true of the originals.

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