Heroes Of The Storm Finally Gets A Gnome, Sort Of

Heroes Of The Storm Finally Gets A Gnome, Sort Of
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How can a game that celebrates the greatest characters across all Blizzard properties have three dwarves and not one gnome? It can’t, so Heroes of the Storm now has a gnome, though technically she’s a dragon. It’s complicated.

Chromie is now available in Blizzard’s MOBA, bringing the measured adorability of the gnome race to the Nexus, along with the time-bending powers of one of World of Warcraft’s most powerful bronze dragons. Chromie is actually Chronormu, the female bronzie dedicated to maintaining timelines and historical events. She’s a more sociable sort than most dragons, so she picked a form everyone can love.


Chromie is all about time blasts and sands of time and other time-related things. Time, time, time.

Heroes Of The Storm Finally Gets A Gnome, Sort Of

Also time.

The latest ranged assassin in Heroes of the Storm, Chromie might not technically be a gnome, but that doesn’t lessen the race. That an all-powerful dragon would choose such a form just goes to prove how amazing gnomes are.

Yes, we’ll go with that.


    • Guess who knows nothing about WoW lore then. You may want to look up who Chromie is in the game. She’s nothing to do with Alliance. Nice try at trolling though. Thank you. Come again.

      • I didn’t mention Chromie did I? Its pretty obvious from the words I used such as “choose gnome” that I was talking about players not NPCs. I was having a laugh at the writers love of gnomes.

        You only play a gnome if you want to be able to hide inside your own voidwalker in PvP.

        “When I don’t like someones comment I just make up a new comment in my head with what I would have liked them to say and then reply to that!” -lichbane

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