Honest Trailers Just Brutalised Star Fox Zero

Honest Trailers Just Brutalised Star Fox Zero

For a while there it felt as though the Honest Trailers YouTube series had gone, I dunno, a little soft in the gills.

It used to be so brutal and then it was sort of harmless. Well, for the first time in ages Honest Trailers has bared its teeth, and poor old Star Fox Zero is the target of its ire.

But you know what? It’s probably a fair critique. Star Fox Zero does have bad controls. It does look a bit naff. It does depend on nostalgia way too much. Which is a shame, because a Platinum Games made Star Fox Zero seemed like a tremendous idea at the time.


  • I don’t think the controls are objectively ‘bad’. I’ve come to grips with them and in many situations are an improvement over the traditional style. It’s heaps of fun flying one way and shooting another.

    Overall I like the game (love co-op) but having finished it I think they rushed a lot of the level design.

  • Ehhhhh 😛

    I agree the default control scheme isn’t great. But putting the cockpit up on the TV and switching the motion controls to When Firing Only makes it work really well. My only major complaint with them otherwise would be the way roll is assigned to the right stick along with boost and brake. Especially when using the walker.

  • You don’t need debunking of Nintendo games because they never over-promise on features or content.

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