Horror Comic Locke & Key Is Taking Another Crack At TV

Horror Comic Locke & Key Is Taking Another Crack at TV

After a failed pilot in 2011, horror comic Locke & Key is getting another go at small-screen glory. Author Joe Hill himself is penning the new attempt and will be among its executive producers, along with IDW Entertainment and Circle of Confusion, which oversees The Walking Dead. A six-book comic series, Locke & Key follows the adventures of a mother and her three children, who live in a haunted mansion filled with dimension-crossing doorways in the town of (shout-out!) Lovecraft, Massachusetts.

In a statement, an obviously thrilled Hill — who also saw a proposed feature film trilogy based on his comic bite the dust — said the goal of the show would be "to see if we can't scare the pants off viewers everywhere". Hopefully this new attempt at a TV series will have the opportunity to cause lots of people to lose their pants.

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    Man I loved that series. It's actually more than six issues though, was around 5 sets of 6 and then a couple more issues to end it I think.
    Anyway, it was fantastic, and what surprised me was that hill really knocked the ending out of the park imo, something that his father often gets wrong.

      they mean six graphic novels/collections of issues. Awesome series, one of my favourites but I didn't find it that scary?

        Oh Yeh but what is really? I found it pretty disturbing at times with the lovecraftian influences though, was a pretty unique read for me.

    Was hooked on this series, this and Preacher, hope it gets its chance at TV. 100 Bullets needs an adaptation also, short run TV series would be good.

      I've really gotta read 100 bullets. Next on my catch up list. I think transmetropolitan was the last thing I read start to finish. Man that was great, it's such a pleasure to be able to read a huge chunk of good comics like that without any crossover or tie in bullshit. Have u read DMZ? That's pretty great too.

        I haven't but I will check it out, as well as transmetropolitan. I'm not a big comic book reader, I have read some DC but when they have the little "Happened in Superman #12" I feel I need to read that, and before I know it I am basically lined up to read every DC comic.

          Yeh I prefer image and vertigo etc. these days, there's none of that fluff

    really hope this gets off the ground. locke and key is probably my vote for most under rated comic of all time. the quality is just so high across the entire run but it seems unknown by a lot of people

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