How The Beautiful Space Game Astroneer Works

Astroneer is an open-world game about exploring some of the coolest-looking low-polygon planets you've ever seen. It turned heads at PAX East in Boston, where we spoke to the game's ex-AAA developers at System Era and secured some direct feed footage. Enjoy what may be the best-looking gaming footage you see today. The video shows the PAX East demo build, which focused on single player exploration, but the game will also support multiplayer. As you'll see, it's not a very violent game. The challenge is more about finding resources to survive and braving violent storms than it is about fighting enemy aliens.

Astroneer will be out on Steam Early Access in late winter or early spring. It may hit other platforms beyond that. Between this and No Man's Sky... what a year for big, beautiful space games. Please be fun!


    I love that art style but I have a rule now with games No more early access games. So I guess this will sit in my Steam wishlist gathering dust until its been fully released.

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