Ibuki's Street Fighter V Trailer Interrupted By Mouse Icon

Ibuki's Street Fighter V Trailer Interrupted By Mouse Icon

Video: It's only a few seconds, but damn, it just hangs there. You can't unsee it. Capcom recently announced that Ibuki was the latest fighter to join Street Fighter V. And, as pointed out by YouTube commenter Rey Robinson, it looks like whomever made the PlayStation trailer left their mouse icon in the frame.

The full trailer is below. The mouse icon can be seen from the 48 second mark to the 53 second mark.


    Reminds me of a film I had to QC once before it went to air. It was full of pops and clicks and weird wooshing noises. Turns out the audio feed of the editors mac somehow found it's way onto the final render. Identified the sounds as being that of windows messenger going through the entire build, as he was probably having a chat with someone during rendering

    I kept thinking you may have accidentally mistaken a falling snowflake for a pointer and was ready to call it out as an error, but then I saw it. Blatant mouse pointer.

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