It's Impossible To Play Dark Souls 3 Using Your Voice

People find weird new ways to play Dark Souls every day. Guitar Hero controllers, shit like that. Sometimes they succeed and it's spectacular.

Others are less lucky.

This poor bugger had no chance.

YouTuber Slimecicle wanted to play Dark Souls 3 on his PC using only his voice. He dies a lot, often in hilarious fashion.

I say this is a bunch of privileged bullshit. With my broad Scottish accent I can't even get voice apps to give me directions, much less play extremely difficult video games. This guy doesn't even know he's living.


    Last year we saw Dark Souls beaten with voice command. While it is true that Dark Souls 3 is much more punishing and hectic with less window of attack, I do believe it would be silly to use the word "Impossible". "Improbable" for sure, but not "Impossible"

    It's not impossible to play Dark Souls 3 using your voice (you can even see someone do so in the video!). It is just very difficult.


    That was more enjoyable than it should have been =P

    If there was/are tutorials to run it with voice commands i'd give it a try.

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