It's Official: No Man's Sky Delayed To August

Publisher Sony confirmed today that, as Kotaku reported earlier this week, No Man's Sky is delayed out of June. The ambitious space game will now be out on August 9. “As we approached our final deadlines, we realized that some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards,” director Sean Murray wrote on the PlayStation Blog this morning. “I have had to make the tough choice to delay the game for a few weeks to allow us to deliver something special.”

It's been a wild past few days in the No Man's Sky community, filled with everything from nonsensical speculation to social media witch hunts to death threats sent my way for reporting on the delay. Now it's finally official.


    The hell? You received a death threat? Uggggggh.

      well you know you are doing your job well if you get a death threat....i guess

    Take that Reddit.

      Gotta love that his "fuck you" thread was gilded.

    Laaame. Was hoping to be able to play the hell out of this before Legion. Gonna be a bit time starved now.

    blog by Sean Murray

    Well shucks...

    But it is a slippery slope, a month delay can easily turn into a 6 month+ delay.

    I just read through that subreddit, dear faith in humanity is somewhat diminished. The level of ignorance and misdirected hate towards Kotaku/Jason is beyond belief. All over a game being delayed. What the hell man.

      I agree, appalling behaviour! He simply reported on it, he didn't delay it himself! Not to mention, the only thing it can mean is that us gamers get a more refined product at the end of the day.

    I am willing to deal with a month and a bit delay for a good product rather than a product that is broken and we wait for patches like half the games these days

    I'll be honest. I'm completely unenthusiastic about No Mans Sky. I wasn't excited about it when it was revealed, nor am I excited about it after seeing gameplay.

    Everyone in the media could just save themselves the time after this E3 by pre-preparing some "Game X has Been Delayed" articles and having them ready to go in 2017.

    A lot of people need to seriously consider the old adage of "don't shoot the messenger".

      It's an old adage because it's been happening for soooo long....

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      Fly, land, walk, look at differently shaped/coloured scenery, see Spore type random creatures, name them, get back in ship, repeat.

    Delayed, so they can optimize it for PS4..... No doubt.

      or so it can be optimized for neo, you heard it here first folks, no mans sky will be a neo launch title

      Or perhaps because they can fix some latent gameplay issues? As hinted at in the official blog post.

    I still think they should launch it with PSVR.

    Interesting artwork. The funny looking antenna thingy is almost identical to something from a Dragon Magazine Article on soviet hyperspace technologies... so IP theft from obscure source? Check.

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