Japan Celebrates Splatoon's Anniversary With Fan Art

Japan Celebrates Splatoon's Anniversary with Fan Art

A year ago, Splatoon was released in Japan. Players fell in love, got damn good and the game became a hit. With the recent anniversary of its release, folks online in Japan are celebrating.

Images: yamadakotaro | yuki_usa1111 | shiero_379

(Nintendo is also celebrating by, as Famitsu reports, announcing a Splatoon Wii U bundle that comes with a download for the game and Squid Sister Amiibo figures.)

Below, is a sampling of some of the fan art that marks the game's first anniversary.


    Just art? They have announced apparel, music soundtracks and other goodies all on top of the Wii U pack!

    Personally i hope it makes it all here.. i would lap it up. Those hats alone, damn!

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