Japan's Game Boy Mailbox

Japan's Game Boy Mailbox

Previously, Kotaku pointed out that Japan sure has some interesting Japan Post mailboxes. Looks like there's another one to add to the list: the Game Boy mailbox. Spotted by a Japanese Twitter user who was going fishing, the post box appears worn and weathered. If you look closely, you notice the Japan Post symbol (that red "T" like mark) has been put on with tape, it seems. Also, it looks as though stuff has been written in permanent marker near the mail slot.

Details are scant, but I am certain of one thing: All official Japan Post mailboxes should look like this. Every last one.

[Image: 平内幸太]


    Isn't this an old demo kiosk thing? I feel like I remember seeing one of them in Super Potato.

    FYI there is a stargate out near cowra NSW.
    thought i was tripping balls when i drove past it, much cooler than this :P

      Link required.

        lol, there is no link, no website, no media for it.
        its literally just a stargate in the middle of a rural property that I randomly drove past one day so i took a photo.
        I will upload the pic when i get home from work,

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