JB Hi-Fi Is Doing 'Buy One, Get One Free' On All Of Its Blu-rays

Picture above: my wife and I running through the local Westfield to buy Blu-rays we don't need.

Are you, like me, one of those weird people that likes to sometimes buy physical media?

Well, boy oh boy do I have news for you: starting from May 12 (this Thursday) JB Hi-Fi is doing a deal. Buy one Blu-ray and get one free.

So like you could totally wander in, buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens and take — I dunno — Mad Max: Fury Road.

(That's probably what I'm gonna be doing.)

There are a few additional restrictions in the fine print:

Cheapest one free. Trade not Supplied, Maximum of 2 copies of the same title in the same transaction. Exclude Pre-orders, Devices & Blank Media.

I've emailed JB Hi-Fi to check if there are any additional restrictions — say around boxsets and suchlike — but I've yet to receive a response. I'm pretty sure this will apply to almost every Blu-ray in the store.

The deal lasts for four days and ends on Sunday 15 May.


    Thanks for the laughs Mark. That's some good captioning.

    They could have waited for deadpool to release first 😢

    Talked to one of my insiders...no restrictions on boxsets at all.

    But remember the 'cheapest one free' means they will always give you the cheapest item free in the transaction free.
    So if you are buying two boxsets and two single blu-rays split the purchase up and buy the two boxsets in one. And the two single blu-rays in another.

    That way you'll be getting a boxset and single disc for free as opposed to paying for the two boxsets and getting the two single disks for free.

    Ooh, good chance to expand the ghibli collection. They never get decent sales.

    Every time I watch TFA I always had a twinge at the back of my mind that Finn was overly familiar, now I know. He's the skinny white Scottish guy that writes about games!!

    Also, going off that picture, will you be pointing at every blu ray you want but your wife will tell you that every choice is garbage before reluctantly letting you buy them when the ones she wants are all sold out?

    eh with limited free time and what Netflix / Stan has to offer I don't really need to buy films on disc anymore unless it's something I really really really really really really want.

    How does one "but a blu-ray"?

      Being the internet I don't suggest you Google that in case you actually find out.

    I have no issue with buying blu-rays, they work anywhere, last a long time and not dependent on one company to access (as opposed to a digital movie, good luck watching your movies if your company goes under). But having said that, I digitally rent around 90% of movies these days. Ownership is for suckers.

      For some reason a lot of movies are not available to rent digitally on Google Play or iTunes, only buy. It's a bit shit to be honest. But digital renting is the bomb. Not having to traipse down to the video store, then remember to return it on time.

      But I do buy Blu Rays occasionally. Very rarely now that Netflix is out. Mad Max at release was the last one. Just pre ordered Hateful Eight, I enjoyed that immensely.

        yeah my system isn't foolproof - the movie "Her" hasn't been available to digitally rent, and you can only buy it physically or digitally which sucks a lot. There aren't that many examples where you can't rent though which is good.

          I wanted to watch Winter Soldier the night before we went to see Civil War. That was not available on Google Play or Itunes which was stupid. It wasn't on Netflix either anymore.

      The main problem with blu-rays is that getting a portable player is almost impossible, because the blu-ray spec changes over time with updates as a copy protection mechanism. It means that the Blu-ray you buy next week may not work on your player unless you update it in the meantime. That's much harder to do with a portable device.

      (Resolution on portable devices is also poorer, of course, and Blu-Ray uses a much more complex spec incorporating Java; but these days the average phone approaches or exceeds HD resolutions and CPU is cheap. There have been a lot of portable DVD players sold over the years, and I don't buy into the idea that people don't want portable blu-ray players because the screens are too low-resolution. Maybe the manufacturers are just in the process of giving up on physical media altogether...)

      Half the time when I get a new disc I just get the DVD because the convenience pretty much balances out the improved features.

      Anyway, thanks for the tip - if only I hadn't been so thorough in my acquisitions when they were offering 20% off last week...

        How is it harder to update a portable device? Burn a CD and put it in and choose update. Is that not the standard for updating devices that are not capable of internet connectivity?

        I don't buy DVD's anymore since now that I have a decent TV, I like to watch media in full HD. DVD's aren't even 720p.

          True, but the real problem is that updates are necessary at all, which they are not with DVD.

          Generally I don't actually care all that much about resolution (I'm short-sighted, and glasses are never 100% effective, so I rarely notice the difference; admittedly an unusual circumstance.)

          Sometimes I like to watch media somewhere other than my loungeroom. You don't; no problem with that. However, not everybody has the same preferences for how they consume media; saying "I like to do things this way, so this situation is fine" ignores the existence of people such as myself who want to watch media in a different fashion.

          Part of it may just be what I'm used to. I'm well over 40 years old, and so grew up watching VHS (heck, my parents even had a betamax for a while). With VHS what is now SD resolution would have been positively dreamy. :-)

        Really? I bought my Pioneer blu-ray player years ago, I've never updated it once and still never come across a disc that won't play.

          I have. May just be a matter of the distributors' sensitivity to piracy. I watch a lot of anime, and anime is very, very heavily pirated.

          You may want to do a firmware upgrade anyway; as well as updating the encryption keys, the updates often include performance enhancements and support for new standards (such as alternate audio formats).

    /tries to picture John Boyega as a pasty ginger.

    Almost grabbed the new Bleach Bankai box's last week at 20%, so glad I held off.

    Oh man. I had some fun last week in the 20% off sale.

    That's consumerism for you.

      I wouldn't be that upset, some of the titles have increased in price 250%

    "So like you could totally wander in, buy Star Wars: The Force Awakens and take — I dunno — Mad Max: Fury Road"

    Pretty sure I'll be doing exactly this! Love these 2 movies so much I needs them for my little collection of the most awesome things!

    That'd be right... the Miyazaki Bluray set appears to have been discontinued or simply isn't available. Was holding out for a deal like this, but now... now I'll just have to cash out my $300 at an ATM and stick my head in a bowl of $20's.

    That's a shame when I just purchased all of the Marvel cinematic movies a few weeks ago :'(

    Every? Goddamn I've been avoiding buying the latest Evangelion because they jacked the price to include an art book. This could change my mind.
    Edit: aaaand. Out of stock :(

    Last edited 10/05/16 9:54 am

    I've just been into the JB Hi-Fi store in the strand arcade in Sydney. They've whacked a lot of the prices up on Blu Rays. For instance, Avengers: Age of Ultron is now $44.98 for the Blu Ray and Digital HD copy... I bought it months ago for $28 in the same store. Same as Ant Man (It just happened to be beside it in the stand), but there was an identical copy 3 rows down that had the old price of $28.

    Some of the Blu-rays have more than doubled in price, Captain America Winter soldier is now $44.98, I bought that last week for $19.98 and that was before any discounts. These types of moves are incredibly overhanded, i expected they might raise the price a bit to cover ta deal like this, but to charge people more than doubl and then make them think they are getting a good deal is underhanded

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