Katy Perry Brought A Tamagotchi To The Met Gala

Katy Perry Brought A Tamagotchi To The Met Gala

Of course she did.

This year’s Met Gala theme was “Fashion in the Age of Technology”. So Katy Perry, who loves Japan, sported a Tamagotchi along with her Prada gown.

“Well, this is a Tamagotchi,” Perry told Vogue‘s André Leon Talley. “It’s been my tech contribution for this year’s Met Gala. It’s humble, but it’s tech.”

Back in 1996, Bandai first launched Tamagotchi in Japan, creating a national frenzy. The virtual pet was one of the country’s biggest fads during the decades, but has seen several resurgences since then.

As IT Media pointed out, Orlando Bloom was also spotted with a Tamagotchi and solid Tamagotchi pronunciation.

Back in 2015, Katy Perry appeared to wear a Nintendo Wiimote strap at the Super Bowl. Bloom hasn’t worn a Wiimote strap in public. Yet.

[Image: AP | Vogue]


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