Konami Denies Connection To Panama Paper Listing

Konami Denies Connection to Panama Paper Listing

You know the Panama Papers? You know, what's being called "the biggest leak in history" that shows where the super rich hide their money. An entity called "Konami Corporation Limited" is named in those papers, it seems, but the Tokyo-based game maker denies any relation. Here is the listing via Offshore Leaks Database (more here):

Konami Denies Connection to Panama Paper Listing

This Offshore Leaks listing actually prompted Konami to issue the following statement:

The Konami Corporation Limited that is listed on the Offshore Leaks Database in what is called The Panama Papers has no connection whatsoever to the Konami Group.

Konami, like many Japanese companies, has a rather complex corporate structure and there are numerous Konami branded entities. You can read more about that here.

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    They really need more inventive names for their shell corporations if they want to play this game.

      I dunno, give them the benefit of the doubt, right? A company that's putting all its resources into machines for a gambling racket rumoured to be controlled by organized crime surely wouldn't need to use shell companies to hide its income...

        I wonder if their slot machines use the konami code, that's a proper cheat right there.

      Yeah I have been wondering this, I mean the politicians atleast tried by using their wives/maiden names, I mean still not the most creative as it wont take long to figure that one out.
      Id go with Money Bags LTD, Scrooge.Inc, Cant Catch me Corp etc

        The execs clearly have a Golden Fulton fund.

        Corporate McCorporateFace LLC, Legitimate Business Concern Ltd, Totally Legit Inc.

    Yeah. I mean they could at least TRY...
    Fuckonami Pty. Ltd. , for example.

    Until the documents are published in full and online, the Panama papers are not a leak.
    As long as names are cherry picked or redacted, the papers are just George Soro's weapon.

    It's just the rich, trying to get rid of other rich people who aren't towing the line or aren't part of the club

      While the pedant in me wants to argue that a leak is a leak, regardless of who it leaks TO, I am distracted from that and intrigued by the notion of the leak as a weapon controlled by any one particular interest. I had thought that multiple journalists were actually provided the information, and only the 'easy to read' version has been compiled by whichever party had the time and resources to do so, and that any of the leak-recipients could do similar, with appropriate savvy. I hadn't heard that name until today, so this bears further investigation.

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        When I first started hearing about the papers I thought the same thing.

        I got suspicious after the first round of names, in particular a distinct lack of American names.

        The second warning sign was the attitude of the US government. We have all seen how they react to leaks in the past with the great Wikileaks and Snowden events, but this time they were happy to stand behind the papers.

        Within days it was discovered that the company at the centre of the leaks was part of the great CIA shell games during and after the Cold War.

        Wikileaks came out and made the connection first, the papers were a project by the OCCP, a company funded by USAID, which is owned by George Soros.

        Soros looks like a normal pro democracy billionaire at face value, but he has and had his fingers in some dodgy dealings and agendas floating around and has a penchant for using activism as a weapon for personal gain.
        The infamous "I am Ukraine" campaign was his brain child designed to drum up support against Russia. It failed when people realised the campaign was a fraud.

        I am with Wikileaks, who have called for the documents to be data dumped in full and online.

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