League Of Legends Streamer Says Riot Should Have Banned Him Sooner

League Of Legends Streamer Says Riot Should Have Banned Him Sooner

Earlier this week Riot Games whipped out their banhammer to remove one of the community’s poster children for toxicity. That streamer and YouTuber was Tyler1, who didn’t appear to mind a great deal when the ban first landed.

In a follow-up video, Tyler1 has come out and questioned why Riot didn’t move earlier.

“I’ve been toxic for about five years, I started in season 2,” Tyler1 begins the video by saying. He went on to chuckle that Riot was “nice to him” for not punishing his behaviour sooner — and Riot made a mistake in allowing his actions to fester within League of Legends for so long.

The removal of Tyler1’s important because his abusive gaming manner carries a lot of traction with others. His Twitch channel has 109,879 followers at the time of writing, more than 10,000 more since the ban was put in effect.

The creator went on to say how Riot banned 9 League of Legends accounts he had access to, some of which he hadn’t used and hadn’t misbehaved on in a while. But he argues that Riot only issued the ban after a public outcry from other notable streamers and top players.

He’s since turned his stream to Overwatch, and he won’t be returning to League of Legends any time soon — because if he plays the game on stream, he’ll not only get banned from League but Twitch as well.

The saga is one of the few instances in League where a player has been indefinitely banned from having any involvement with a game, casually or competitively. Twitch getting into the fray by holding Tyler1’s career over his head is another intriguing twist as well. Hordes of gamers might enjoy streamers burn everyone and everything around them to the metaphorical ground, but that doesn’t mean Twitch does.


  • Jesus, just looking at him makes me cringe. Is that a microwave behind him, too?

  • Attention seeking child. Waaaaaaaaa look at me I’m being provocative waaaaaaaa. Fuck off loser.

  • Looks like a fucking douche bag, but I agree he should have been long ago…

  • What a douche. So hes the type of person that makes online gaming not enjoyable.

  • Those are some valid points Alex. There’s a lot of interesting fans for League of Legends isn’t there, as long as they aren’t abusing people like this guy then that’s all that matters.

  • Well I never saw a guy or heard for him but I got perma banned on 2 accs for things that weren’t even toxic, things that were only provocative to hole ennemy team. I got 2.5 k games on Shaco so when I came to diamond and still kept rekting people ( last season, s5 not s6) I was always saying gg ez after games, when ever they said “Report my teammate for …..” I’d just reply ” for having feeders like you in team?!”, But still it is rly bad to see things like this in chat and all but it is ennemy team by which logic will that lose my game or make my team perform worse?, I got perma banned for flaming and it says in ban it is cause flaming makes people lose and people who flame lose 27% more games?! I was winning damn games where I was “toxic” or better to say provocative.
    And if I can get perma banned for making ENNEMIS cry in games that my team WINs, why wouldn’t this shitty streamer get perma ban while he was toxic as fk and making his team8s lose and be angry not feeling like finishing games. In my case flaming was even securing victory even more cause ennemis were practicly becoming “iddle” while flaming me back in chat so my team even had easier job to win games. But no I got perma banned cause I was pissing off people but guy like this or dunkey who are completer assholes didn’t get bans for 4 seasons of being toxic in game they are not even good at only cause they were bringing to it popularity with their games.

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