Leaked Footage Shows The Cancelled Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Game For PSP

Video: This morning brings us a rare gem: footage of the cancelled Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game for PSP, which was due to be part of the Elder Scrolls Travels series before it was axed. Game preservation channel PtoPOnline brought us a few new videos, showing off what an Elder Scrolls game on PSP might have looked like. Pivotally, video maker Andrew Borman explains that rather than a massive connected open world, Oblivion PSP would have given players access to a single hub. From there, they could travel to different areas.

The footage was quickly taken off YouTube (I guess it's really damaging to Bethesda for people to see a game that was cancelled 10 years ago), but backups have emerged thanks to Vid.me user Wonderforall.

It's a rare look at an interesting experimental video game that we'll never get to play. Here's hoping Zenimax's lawyers don't try to take this down.


    God - what i wouldn't give for a handheld version of an eldar scrolls game...


    I really hope we can get good handheld 360 emulation at some point >.>

      At some point? Definately. How long? Way too long, but it's pretty amazing how exponentially fast computers get, especially the ones you can fit in your pocket. 5-10 years?

    Honestly I would pay full price if they made Elder Scrolls games available on the Vita. Rerelease Morrowind and Oblivion, even Daggerfall, dont worry about updating the graphics just get them on there, add in Trophy support and I will throw money at the screen until I own them. Love old school elder scrolls.

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