Leaked Poster Reveals Destiny’s Next Expansion, Rise Of Iron 

Leaked Poster Reveals Destiny’s Next Expansion, Rise Of Iron 

Destiny‘s next expansion is called Rise of Iron, according to leaked marketing materials that popped up on Reddit tonight. The expansion, which is expected in September, should be officially revealed at E3.

Two sources familiar with Bungie confirmed the authenticity of this poster to Kotaku tonight. The Rise of Iron expansion will feature a new raid (likely Fallen-themed) and will be larger than both year-one DLC packs, according to a source. It’s not clear how this expansion is related to Destiny‘s regular Iron Banner PVP event, but that appears to be the overexcited Crucible maestro Lord Saladin brandishing a hammer in the poster.

Here’s another look:

In January, as we reported earlier this year, Bungie moved its internal target for Destiny 2to 2017. Replacing D2 in this fall’s slot will be Rise of Iron, although it’s not clear what else Bungie will release between then and September of next year. From what we hear, Destiny 2 was recently rebooted, with Taken King director Luke Smith taking the reigns of that project in the wake of a Bungie staff reorganization.

Bungie has not yet returned a request for comment. We’ll see more of Rise of Iron in June.


  • Maybe they’ll reveal how the Fallen, who are aliens, even know about wolves in the first place?

    And the whole “recently rebooted” thing makes D2 sound like it’ll be the same hot mess as D1 in terms of the story being chopped and barely coherent.

    • “….the story being chopped and barely coherent.”

      …Don’t forget ‘Released in 5 parts at ~$80 a piece’.

  • So if they put back Destiny 2 where did this content suddenly come from? Was it more cut content? Ah well, still no incentive for me to re-download the game at all to play through a small handful of hours worth of new content while you fight a poorly designed RNG to ‘level up’

    • blah blah blah, seriously some people really do need to get off this Destiny conspiracy train. its almost been two years. build a bridge already. Though have to say these days to me most of the haters just sound like droning white noise.

  • So… either we’re going to finally take out the Kings, or we’re finally going to follow Sov’s lead on Kaliks Prime and visit the Ananke moons. Sounds interesting…

  • Sounds like Rise of Iron (Lagger) and just more focus on PvP…they seem to have given up on PvE a long time ago…

    Plus the fact they will look to slug us another $70+ for DLC means Bungievision can pretty much go and play the Rise of my Middle Finger…


    I knew I just started that Titan for a reason. Now I get to dress like Lord Saladbar and wear a Cape wielding a flaming great axe.

  • Such a great aesthetic. I love the northern warrior + wolf look…
    …But I also loathe Iron Banner and crucible, so it’s pretty difficult to get hype for this.

  • I just want more single player… please.

    Shit, give me something to do with that sweet looking ship I’ve got that I never use.

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