Let The Japanese Overwatch Fan Art Begin!

Let the Japanese Overwatch Fan Art Begin!

Overwatch isn't only capturing people's imagination in the West. The game is also gaining a following in Japan and has the fan art to prove it. [Images: isiyumi | metaldragonfly | mousoup]

Here's an interesting sight to see this week: The latest issue of Famitsu features Overwatch on the cover.

Why is this interesting? Because this week, Dragon Quest Heroes II also came out in Japan. That certainly makes the cover an interesting choice. (Square Enix also released Overwatch's PS4 version in Japan, so no skin off their nose!) It's even more interesting because the notion for years was that Japanese players didn't like Western games, especially Western first-person shooters. More and more, that stereotype is simply not true.

While we don't have the game's first week Japanese sales figures just yet, the buzz on Twitter has been quite positive with people uploading photos of their purchase.

We'll have to wait for more concrete details to suss out whether or not the game is a hit in Japan. However, Overwatch's characters do seem to very much appeal to Japanese players, who keep remarking how "cute" they are (especially Tracer and Mei). Others, however, simply say they want to play the game.

For the past month or so, Japanese Twitter users have been uploading Overwatch fan art. Not all of these artists are going to buy the game (like this artist, for example), but there's been a steady increase in art, which is bound to increase as the game's fandom grows in Japan.

Until then, let's have a look:

In case you missed it, here is some more Overwatch art by some of the world's best artists.


    I saw the third image of the box art and thought I saw a The Witness puzzle. Something is wrong with me...

    Kind of think Blizzard has done themselves a disservice not including all the animations and the character notes in the game, especially the console release. Countries like Japan who traditionally haven't got Blizzard games would enjoy their worldbuilding, and the fact they have to go to a seperate website makes it seem like a lot of casual types will miss out.

    Great, now I wanna read a manga adaptation on Overwatch.

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