Looking Fiery, Gnar

There aren't too many characters in MOBAs that transform from cute and cuddly into a raging demon, but Gnar fits the bill pretty nicely. But this cosplay focuses on the fire in Gnar's mini-form.

Photo: Beethy Photography / Project Alice Cosplay

The shots come courtesy of Beethy Photography and the Brisbane-based Project Alice Cosplay.

The photos were taken at Gold Coast Supanova, with Jessica Nigri credited for the costume's original design.


    How do I respond to this?

    Animal instincts say, Woof!

    Chivalry tells me to compliment her outfit, as well as the daily hardships she must have gone through to maintain that level of fitness.

    Girlfriend conscience (Yes, I have a set of mental sound recordings of my girlfriend) is calling her an attention whore.

    Then there's the sarcastic side telling me that there couldn't possible be a woman who looks like that, because the average woman is big and beautiful and proud and well over 90kgs.

    funny thing is I have had this as my desktop for about a week now

    Yes, very attractive.
    I am wondering how much photoshop went into the colour balance, though. Seriously, how does someone actually get their hair to look that colour? Is it a synthetic wig? I have met so many people who've tried for that look in dyes and failed. Almost thinking that feat might've been a more time-consuming process than sewing costume.

    yes i really like boobs, specially when they look that fantastic. but what strikes me (and i know there is some photoshop involved) are those eyes!
    and @chedruid, i second your sentiment.

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