Mighty No. 9’s Marketing Is Embarrassing To Everyone

Video: “And make the bad guys cry like an anime fan on prom night,” says the cringey narrator in this new trailer for Mighty No. 9, a video game starring anime characters. It’s as horrible as it sounds. One might think that, after several delays and a great deal of fan scepticism for Mighty No. 9 director Keiji Inafune thanks to all sorts of disastrous antics, publisher Deep Silver might take greater care to market this toward people with a love for old-school platformers. Instead, they seem to be aiming for the edgy ’90s teen market. I sure hope this game doesn’t suck.


    • Hah, it’s hard for me to place what it’s trying to be like. Although the voice is different, I could totally hear a bit of Barney from How I Met Your Mother in there, also perhaps Ryan Reynolds.

      • For me it felt reminiscent of Isaiah Mustafa in the Old Spice ads, maybe crossed with the House of the Dead: Overkill narrator.

        • Yep… me too, mixed with that dude who does the recent ad for spring water (or was it beer?) on a mountain top and then he is in a bar. Cant find which one on youtube.

      • I reckon he sounds a bit like the Honest Trailers/Everything Wrong With… guy right at the end there

        • by the way, you can hire the Honest trailer guy on Fiverr for $5 for a short intro, not for commercial use though apparently and he donates it all to charity for Autism I think (or something similar), would be good for a laugh at a wedding or something if the guests would be the type that would recognise his voice.

  • A slightly deeper voice might have helped that work a bit more, but yeah.. script needed some work.

  • A game with a cutesie chibi japanese robot as a protagonist and the narrator craps on anime fans? Know your audience fer chrissakes!

  • Naww, it’s just a 90’s throwback ad. It’s cool, and Jason Schreier you take stuff way too seriously.
    It’s meant to be stupid, things are allowed to be stupid.

  • As far as game trailers go, I’m pretty fond of this one tbh.
    They’ve actually included gameplay footage, which is becoming more of a rarity these days. The narrator covers the basic mechanics, and the humour seemed self-aware enough that it’s more than likely intentionally tacky.
    For such a strongly worded article, I was expecting something that was, well… Actually bad?

  • It made the game look fast and fun. The combat looks like it has good impact and stickiness (I don’t know how to describe that any other way. Stickiness is why Bayonetta had good combat and Dante’s Inferno did not).
    Everything but the jokes was pretty good. Breakfast dash, anime fan, and Vernon all fell really flat.

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