Netflix Is Reviving Voltron And It Actually Looks Good

Are you, like me, old as shit? Are you, like me, nostalgic about the kid's shows you used to watch.

Well have I got news for you. Voltron is coming back. Netflix is running the show (literally) and it actually looks awesome.

Here's what Voltron used to look like.

Here's what it looks like now:

If the style is familiar to you, it's probably because you watch Legend of Korra and this is done by the same people.

I actually have high hopes for this.


    Vehicle force needs the same treatment. It had far cooler toys. ;)

    EDIT: I am also old as shit.

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      They've been showing it on ABC3 fairly recently. It's an odd beast - the English dialogue has evidently been written to massively simplify what is a (relatively speaking) more sophisticated story into something that'll appeal to 7 year olds.

      Also, character with amazingly terrible South African accent. At least I assume that's what it's supposed to be.

        Weirdly enough, the Anime that Vehicle Force Voltron was based off (Dairugger XV) takes a lot of its cues from Rugby Union. The group's name was the Rugger Team and there's 15 of them and together they form the Dairugger (lit. 'Big Rugger').

        The other reason it feels so odd is that when they turned it into Voltron they rewrote the plot significantly and then cut the original around to fit. GoLion was edited heavily too when making the original Lion Force Voltron but the bulk of the plot is pretty similar monster-of-the-week stuff and most of the changes were around toning down scenes of death and violence.

          Rewatching the Vehicle Voltron on DVD a few years ago, it was quite jarring as you could tell heaps was cut out and the plot was nonsensical. The fact they reused a scene in the restaurant multiple times at the end of multiple episodes, but with different dialogue was bad enough.

          Its not as watchable as Lion Voltron because its obvious it was edited like crazy.

    I only have the vaguest memories of Voltron. I think some older kids of a family we used to visit now and then might have watched it a bit, and I think had the toys too. But MegaZord Deluxe was cooler :P

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    I too am old as shit.
    I too love my old robots (Voltron, Transformers, One Must Die, Dino-Riders (ok technically not robots but whatever)).


    Fuck. Yes.

    Sorry wifey, your husband is going back to his childhood and dragging his son along for the ride, whether you or him like it or not.

    i dont care i just want the original theme music to play but better quality

      Also needs Peter Cullen to do the opening narration again. As a kid, I knew something had to be awesome if Optimus was talking about it.

    This looks *awesome*!

    Btw, anyone ever see the concept for the *third* Voltron series with the three robots? God it was so bad...

    This actually doesn't look half bad. And yes I am also old as shit.

    What ever happened to that on-again, off-again Voltron live action movie?

    Voltron suffered from the same problem as Superman - he had hardly any weaknesses and rarely broke a sweat fighting the bad guys.

    Also, the original toyline was just the Voltron lions with no bad guys. This was hilariously exemplified in the commercial where a kid made it fight his dad's hand.

      My Voltron lions teamed up with my Castle Lego, Transformers, He-Man and TMNT. Was a great crossover Universe.

      My lions ruined the shit out of Snake Mountain. Skeletor left Beastman and Tongue Lasher in charge while he was fighting the Rocklords. When he got back there was hell to pay.

    Netflix do this for Robotech please

      That will be a little difficult. Sony picked up the Robotech rights last year.

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      Research Macross and discover that there's been a bunch of Macross series over the years.
      A new one just started actually - Macross Delta.

      (if you didn't already know).

      No! We don't need Harmony Gold getting any more money. They've held Macross hostage for three decades as it is. :(

    I was like ehhhh? and then it had the combining sequence and that's like all I need.

    Well, this literally does it. This is the thing that makes me sign up for Netflix.

      You get the bonus of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the surprisingly good Knights of Sidonia. And Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt... Which was really goddamn funny.
      I'm so happy with netflix.

    Im not as old as shit. I produce the shit that says - hey, you're old. And then it self explodes.

    Here's an interesting ;piece of trivia for you all.

    Any of you recognise the narrator's voice in the intro for the original Voltron series? It's none other than Mr Optimus Prime himself, Peter Cullen.

    Goddamn I've been waiting fora good Voltron for like a decade. This just made my otherwise shitty day.

    Please have a remastered version of the old intro

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