New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Shows Off The Game's Glorious Environments

Final Fantasy XV is coming this September. After all the time spent waiting, that fact alone is almost surreal.

It also means we're about to start seeing more of the game in the months before release.

Like this trailer, which focuses on the game's environments. It's a little bit gorgeous.

I've tried and failed to get into Final Fantasy games in the past. The game I spent most time with was Final Fantasy X. I think I'll give it another chance with Final Fantasy XV. I like the idea of a handsome man road trip with other handsome men. That's right in my wheelhouse.


    It looks gorgeous, I just hope its not another linear boring game with awful combat like the ones since FFX.

      If the Demo(s) are anything to go by, it's a step-up from Kingdom Heart's combat, if you liked that.

    Is this the same trailer that was shown during the reveal event?

    Still a gorgeous trailer either way

    Keen as mustard flavoured punch while sharpening a particularly sharp blade

    It's all well and good to show off the environments in a nice controlled trailer, but the real issue I had with the graphics in the demos was the constant framerate drops, jagginess and the fact that the huge sweeping environments basically had nothing in them. Even the trailer has mostly empty environments. The frame rate problem was the killer though, especially considering the year gap between the 2 demos and they hadnt fixed the issue at all. I'd rather have seen them re-release the same demo with all the problems fixed, rather than spend the time making a new one with the same problems.

    I cant shake the feeling that this is going to be a let-down.

      It has been mentioned in a few previous articles that the frame rate is yet to be locked (hence the drops and jagginess in the demos).
      I do understand where you are coming from with the emptiness, but I believe that will be sorted in the actual game. Looking at recent gameplay demos, the environments seem rich and full of wildlife (and being a JRPG we will need plenty of things to kill for the grinds haha)

    Very pretty,
    Im trying to decide which one i favor comparing this to the crytek showcase.
    Both top of the game for today!

    This is the first Square game I've been looking forward to for a while. I won't be pre-ordering it.. but I will get it after release and reviews are posted.

    FFXIII wasn't even that bad and yet it has totally killed any enthusiasm I had for the franchise. Makes me sad since I remember the days when the thought of a new FF release made me want to explode with excitement.

    I don't know why, it still looks very unnatural and sterile to me.. kind of "Uncanny valley"?

    I'm sure I'll buy it. The real test is if I FINISH it.

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