League Of Legends Features Finally Ends Lopsided Games

League Of Legends Features Finally Ends Lopsided Games

Attempting to put a stop to unfortunately unbalanced matches of teams of five versus teams of four and a disconnected person, Riot is adding a new command to League of Legends that will allow the short-staffed team a chance to bow out gracefully.

There’s no feeling quite like finding your team outnumbered in any MOBA and pulling out a win, but that doesn’t happen very often. When the game begins and one player doesn’t make it, be it by purposeful disconnect or bug, the team down a player is generally doomed.

But come update 6.11 (in North America), players on the shorthanded team will be prompted to initial a /remake after three minutes. As long as no kills have occurred and two of the four remaining players vote yes to a /remake, all players are returned to the queue no worse for wear. The disconnected person still suffers a loss and loses an amount of League Points equal to those they’d have lost had the game been played.

Everybody wins, except for the losers. There are a few exceptions detailed in Riot’s post on the feature, but ultimately this seems like a fair solution to an annoying problem.

The feature is being tested in North America, but the global release “shouldn’t be far behind”.


  • Wouldn’t this just encourage someone on the 5-person team to dive early on to invalidate the ‘no kills’ requirement? Sure it would be a dick move, but this *is* LoL.

    • true, Whenever Riot comes out with reasonable solutions, it does not take too long for the LoL community to ruin it for everyone.

  • It says no “First Blood” on the LoL page instead of “no kills”. So if the opposing team dives into the tower and dies but the team with 4 man is just afk or in base and don’t attack the enemy then their deaths will be “executed’ and not “first blood”

  • In dota there is a time out if someone doesnt join where the Game will not count any stats as well as after first blood i think or a few kills after. Although in saying that depending on the heros your team have it is completely possible to win the match still since they earn more gold per second for each player that has left.

    Managed to win many games 4 v 5 and 3 v 5, Heck i have sadly lost to a 2 v 5 since they got so much gold per second they got to far ahead so fast we didnt have the items to counter.

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