New Pokémon Sun And Moon Trailer Appears To Show Unannounced Monster

Time to put on your detective caps, Pokémon fans. By now, you've probably seen one of the two trailers released for Pokémon Sun and Moon earlier this week.

Hell, you may even have an opinion about which new starter is the best one. Well, as it turns out, there is actually a third trailer for Pokémon Sun and Moon, unleashed today for Japanese magazine CoroCoro:

Missed it? It's literally like a split second of footage, so here's a screencap. The moment happens at around 12 seconds in the video (thanks for the tip, mattcavalcanti!), as you can see below on the left.

Right now, Pokémon fans around the web are debating what this creature is. It doesn't really look like an existing monster, though that's entirely possible. Is it something new, perhaps a dog Pokémon of some sort? Is it a new Eevee evolution, or perhaps an Eevee with some sort of beauty modification? Is everyone tripping here, and that's just a normal dog? Does the Pokémon world have non-Pokémon dogs?? MYSTERIES.

I'd like to believe that The Pokémon Company hid a new 'mon right under our noses, or that perhaps they didn't even notice that critter was there. That would be funny.

So... who's that Pokémon?


    Stantler pre-evo? That would make very little sense, so yeah it's probably that then

      You may be right, I can see the antlers

        A zoomed in photo shows the shoes of the person above it makes it look like antlers/horns.

      No, if anything it'll be a brand new pokemon that has you wondering why it wasn't related to a previous one, like Buffant and Taurous.

        Buff ant you say?

      I'm ashamed to admit but your damned profile picture had me trying to clean my screen for like 10 seconds

    I'd say it looks more like a Lillipup, as those "antlers" appear to be someone's legs.

    Anytime I see that screen I think of this.

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