No, Godzilla Is Not Wearing A Bikini

No, Godzilla Is Not Wearing a Bikini

Since Hideaki Anno is directing the new Japanese Godzilla movie and since Hideaki Anno created Evangelion, there have been a handful of tie-ups between the two. This latest one is not good. That is, unless you like kaiju in skimpy swimwear. [Image: Bandai]

Because that's exactly what the markings on this Godzilla Feat. EVA-01 figure from Bandai looks like. Of course, the Godzilla figure is taking the pattern from Evangelion, but the design makes it look like the monster is decked out in a micro bikini.

No, Godzilla Is Not Wearing a Bikini

[Image: Bandai] The character is not, however. But if you've ever wondered what that would look like, now you know: Sexy.

Godzilla Feat. Teeny Bikini, sorry EVA-01, will be released in early 2017. It's priced at 9936 yen ($125).


    Yeah he does.

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